The Rangers league shocker that no one saw coming

The Rangers league shocker that no one saw coming

With the Betfred final just 6 days away, attention has turned very much to events this weekend at Hampden.

But for us, that’s slightly on hold – not only do we face Aberdeen in midweek, but something else caught our eye, and alluded to something we recall in a previous entry.

With victory yesterday over Hearts, a truly rotten, rotten Hearts we should add, Rangers near-equalled Celtic’s goal tally, and sit just one behind.

However there’s something more significant yesterday’s 3 points secured, and we don’t just mean the restoration of the 9-point gap to Aberdeen.

No, it’s not just that – it’s the fact the 9-point gap is with a game in hand (EXCLUDING Wednesday), and is almost certainly 12 points. Adding in Wednesday’s (inevitable?) win and it’s a ridiculous 15 points.

Barely into December and Rangers (and Celtic) are an effective 5 victories ahead of Derek McInnes’ side.

The old order of the SPL really does feel truly back now, seeing Rangers and Celtic legitimately fight it out for the title of Champions, while the rest of the league lags behind a huge distance away.

Steven Gerrard has not been given anywhere near enough credit for normalising affairs at Ibrox again, and even if we don’t all agree on every decision he makes, this man has got us top of the table by 9 points WITH a game in hand and effectively two.

He has us matching Celtic toe to toe on a much lesser budget. After two or three matches of the SPL this season, we didn’t see this coming.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like the old days, more and more. The Journey isn’t complete, but it’s closer to it than it’s ever been.

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  1. Thank fuck he knocked us back or we'd be sitting where the sheep are😂


  2. The progress Rangers have made in the short time that Stevie has been in charge, has been phenomenal. I have never known supporters agree with every decision that any manager made, that's just normal.
    A victory next Sunday would be a MASSIVE declaration that Rangers really are back. It will be very interesting to see how Celtic react when they lose next weekend, after having become so used to having it all their own way.

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