Steven Gerrard’s arrogance costs Rangers

Steven Gerrard’s arrogance costs Rangers

Yes, we know, it’s post-match emotion and maybe a bit knee jerk, but ‘fuming’ doesn’t cover how we feel about that absolute atrocity at Pittodrie.

For all the glory of the first 30+ minutes, for all the joy of strolling to a 0-2 lead, Steven Gerrard’s absurd arrogance to stick with this regularly-poor defence has cost his side maximum points, as has the clique club that’s clearly at Ibrox these days.

It’s been generally brilliant this season, we’re not arguing otherwise – but we have never been shy to call his persistence with Tavernier, Goldson, even the weak Helander, and never use the likes of Docherty, Edmundson, Katic et al.

A comment on the site really forced it home earlier today:

“You can add Docherty,Katic, Edmundson to the SG not in my gang list, we cannot fault SG so far this season (Celtic game excluded) but i fear his favouritism could come and bite him”

And it did tonight.

Simple as that.

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    • Thats us giving away sloppy goals again,we better get our fuckin act together for sunday and start dealing with it ffs get a grip Rangers

  1. Obviously disappointing but I don't think there is any need to go overboard. We cannot expect to win every game and Celtic were lucky tonight. Another time they won't be so lucky – Sunday????

    • Unbelievable it's rangers who have been lucky they were against Hamilton last outing if a team pressures rangers they fall apart and as for Steven Davies why teams give him so much time on the ball I don't know you seen what happened last night against Aberdeen when Ferguson pressured him he couldn't do anything and as for the slow jo buffalo he's knackered lol bring on Sunday Celtic 3 rangers 1

  2. Gerard to blame full stop,goldson,helander no pace and not commanding at set pieces+ Flanagan was awful as well,also Gerard back to his old ways with late sub's again and the fact that he put katic on to bale him out at the end was an insult to the big man…..A bit like last Season watp

  3. Agree, Gerrard 100% to blame. This blind spot towards Tav & Goldson MUST, end. What was Tav thinking. If he had just took the ball square on his chest, he could have lobbed it. But NO, he has to turn sideward towards goal and it glances in, Helander, shite as he was, could do nothing. Ojo is just like Josh Windass, all flash, but no end result. Stewart should have been on. SG really needs to take a look at himself. This favouritism has just GOT, to end. So sick of it. This situation will come to a head if Goldson at least is not benched, goes out and acts like that with Celtic. Cheers Stevie, you just handed 'them' a huge boost to their season.

  4. Goldson is not good or aggressive enough. Hellander had his usual slack amblifiient performance…He lolly gaggles around is slow as fuck and is not physical enough. Race made a poor decision to field Kent to night We lapsed into ' kick and run slash ' that allowed them to get in the game . Steven Gerrard was correct we gave them the opportunity but his consultant selection of both Goldson and Hellander us poor and misjudged…Sunday will totally different . As for the league….sorry to use cliché but ..there is a long way to go WATP

  5. Totally agree what a mess we had no left side tonight no idea where Kent and aribo supposed to be playing the defence is a joke goldson trying to play football what a joke can't defend head a ball slow as is helander Flanagan never a left back and as for tab what does he bring to the team he put in one decent cross out if dozens which is about normal for him
    With this defence on Sunday let's hope the other mob have an off day

  6. Being realistic it's too late to start messing with the defence for Sunday but longer term we have to see what Katic and Edmundson can bring to the side. Goldson had a shocker and Helander was only marginally better. Tavernier contributed a good assist for the first goal but other than that was very poor. How can he kick a set piece 30 yards from goal completely out of the pitch. His crossing from corners and in play was awful. Flanagan was completely hopeless too but I'll give him a pass considering how little he has played. Ceptic will see that shambles tonight and flood their attack with pacy players that our defence cannot cope with. What could've been our best week for 8 years already looks like it might turn into our worst.

  7. This is years in the making refs are to scared to give us penalties because of that mob it'll make it more sweater when we get 55 watp

  8. we need more pace in our defence , every time hellander and Goldson get turned they look in trouble , would like to see Katic and edmundson getting more games as they have both looked the part every time they’re given a chance , too late to start changing team for Sunday but Ceptics pace up front does have me worried with the lack of it we have at back , missed barasic massively tonight too , never seen Flanagan go forward with a pass , warning signs have been there with defence for last few weeks , worst possible time to turn in second half like last night after an excellent first forty mins

  9. Goldson has made numerous errors when it mattered in big games e.g. Moscow, Celtic (home) and was partly responsible for the the second in Switzerland. He consistently passes the ball straight to the opposition so much so that you have to question if he is colour blind? The bottom line is that he is just not good enough at this level.

    He couldn't even foul effectively before Aberdeen scored their first and didn't know where the ball was at the second.

    Helander is better but a lightweight and Katic is better than either of them.

    It is not Flanagan's fault that he has no left foot but his only possible position is at right back for the off form Tavernier.

    Barisic was a massive miss last night, so often the moves broke down when Flanagan turned inside. Halliday isn't a great player but at least he has a left foot.

    Arfield has been nowehere near the player he was last season and has rightly been rested from time to time; but the clique always get a game. It's impossible to understand why
    Gerrard doesn't see that.
    Defoe and Stewart should have started last night, never mind the defence.

    I have been at all the European away games this season except YB. We played the way we started last night nd dominated games for 30 minutes in the second half in Porto and 20 minutes in Rotterdam but were too easily knocked out of our stride by the direct approach that Aberdeen adopted in the second half.

    Last night showed how important Kamara is to the team just now, in the same way that Arfield was last season.

    I agree that it might be too late to change the defence for Sunday but if we don't play 100% better we are going to get a doing.

  10. Docherty not good enough people want to remember where we were 2 years ago some fans are deluded katic is no world beater get behind manager or go away before gerard came we couldn't beat progress niedercorn now we have gone 16 qualifiers undefeated and on verge on qualification to knock out stages so get real and stop picking up on every negative and be realistic morons

    • Yea but the manager in charge them bought Alfredo not Gerald and when you get best on Sunday then put out of Europe and whipped at Celtic park both he and Gerard are gone

  11. brilliant 1st half ..appalling 2nd half ..I don't care what fans think I will tell it straight . 50 minutes it's 2.2 we need a winner and on the bench there is a legend jermaine defoe and 2 goal Greg Stewart from hearts win ….so what does Gerrard do he brings on the useless ojoke get this guy back to merseyside on jan 1st …whats the point of defoe sitting freezing at aberedeen get him on and stewart instaed of his mates like ojoke and aribo who was woeful along with tav goldson and Flanagan …Gerrard will go in May if he wins nothing anyway and play like that on Sunday we will get hammered …he's got the players in he wanted so use them more excuses they have run out

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