Wednesday, 4 December 2019

Steven Gerrard's arrogance costs Rangers

Yes, we know, it’s post-match emotion and maybe a bit knee jerk, but ‘fuming’ doesn’t cover how we feel about that absolute atrocity at Pittodrie.

For all the glory of the first 30+ minutes, for all the joy of strolling to a 0-2 lead, Steven Gerrard’s absurd arrogance to stick with this regularly-poor defence has cost his side maximum points, as has the clique club that’s clearly at Ibrox these days.

It’s been generally brilliant this season, we’re not arguing otherwise – but we have never been shy to call his persistence with Tavernier, Goldson, even the weak Helander, and never use the likes of Docherty, Edmundson, Katic et al.

A comment on the site really forced it home earlier today:

“You can add Docherty,Katic, Edmundson to the SG not in my gang list, we cannot fault SG so far this season (Celtic game excluded) but i fear his favouritism could come and bite him”

And it did tonight.

Simple as that.
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