Morelos and Edouard shocker on eve of Old Firm

Morelos and Edouard shocker on eve of Old Firm

There was no coincidence was there. Absolutely none at all. The Scottish media confirmed they’re running scared of Rangers’ resurgence, and while the previous day neutral Sky ran a story about how Ally McCoist fairly said both Rangers and Celtic must retain their star strikers, the Scottish media decided to try to unsettle Alfredo Morelos by making up a story about a £11M bid from an ‘unnamed’ Premier League side.

We’re sure you all noticed the similar story about Edouard? No? Of course not. Just praise of how good he is through the usual channels.

But at Ibrox? Some unnamed side bidding pennies for Morelos.

On the eve of the most important Old Firm for years, the Celtic-minded media once again show their colours trying to uproot and unsettle the most important player in the SPL, demonstrating clearly which side they want to see win this match.

We know Morelos will be subject to bids in January – he’s one of Europe’s hottest properties and we get how lucrative the Colombian has become.

But to make up piffle about a bid of that value the day before an Old Firm is a cheap trick, a low blow and all Rangers need to do is pin that kind of nonsense up on the dressing room door and Steven Gerrard’s pre-match speech will again be made for him.

They really are scared of Rangers, of our return, that only a few days before the new year this Rangers team is the real deal and matching Celtic pretty much toe to toe.

Enough Celtic-minded journos are entrenched at Scottish rags that they do not want the blue upstarts ruining their paymasters’ mood – and if Rangers start to take over in this country, then these hacks are looking for a new job. Or new allegiances.

Either way, we’ll await with interest all the Edouard stories over the next few days…

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