Meltdown at Parkhead – it’s begun

Meltdown at Parkhead – it’s begun

We’re not interested in Celtic forums, nor Celtic fans, nor what’s happening in the East End – we’ve only ever discussed them when it affects us, and that’s why we’re just slightly allowing ourselves to imagine the meltdown and ‘Lennon Out’ vibes among those at Celtic Park after today’s wonderful result.

Let’s face it, Brendan Rodgers was the best thing to happen to Celtic since Martin O’Neill – he produced a machine of a side, and we as Rangers fans hated it.

He’s gone to Leicester amidst smears upon his character by his former fans and guess what, his King Power side are having a better season now than they did under Ranieri when they inexplicably won the thing. If it wasn’t for his own former side having the most ridiculously perfect season, Leicester would be strong favourites to take the title again. He is, whether Celtic fans (and formerly Rangers fans) like it or not, a magnificent football manager.

But back home? Lennon came in, and Ibrox Noise were vocal about our lack of fear at his appointment – and the last two Old Firm performances show why.

While we didn’t win the cup final, Celtic were beyond fortunate to do so. And they even had fortune today, but it ran out as Rangers emerged comfortable victors.

And now we can only imagine the angry calls to fire the manager, or questioning his ability, and the angry calls smearing the squad they spent multimillions on as not good enough – all because they didn’t get their own way and they’re no longer the best side in Scotland.

Poor babies.

Sorry guys, we came, we saw, we kicked your backsides, and there’s no excuses this time.

You had a good thing with Rodgers, we don’t deny it – lousy in Europe, yes, but domestically untouchable – now under Lennon it’s all falling apart – and now you see why we had zero fear about him being your manager.

He’s ruined a decade-long record to a side assembled at a lot less of the budget – and now the chickens are home to roost.

Sack everyone, right?

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  1. We dominated in cup final and lost as our famous officials missed 4 players offside . Then today got a penalty against us for nothing then the only goal they got was handball ? It was a good win and we played well but we will have to score 3 goals minimum to guarantee a win , to make it safe , the decisions are so biased against us we need English / European refs or VAR .Or someone to probe the SFA to put a portfolio together on decisions and put it to an independent board . Just want fairness but it wont happen, will take something or someone with some influence to penetrate the anti Rangers / Lawell brigade. Hope it comes soon .

  2. Clancy's bias was exposed, un-deniable, yesterday. Running the game over it's allotted injury-time, not by seconds, but over a full minute, is simply disgusting. Alfredo gets red-carded in 'illegal' time, simply biased & un-professional. I suppose he'll blame it on a faulty timepiece. A 'faulty' biased ref, with a dodgy timepiece. Bias, simply un-deniable!

  3. Lemon says theres no panic,i right hes shiting himself,they never wanted the ginger stop gap in the first place,and now they calling for his head😂😂😂

    WELCOME TO THE PARTY🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🍾🍾🍾🍻🍻🍻🍹

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