James Tavernier makes long-awaited confession to Rangers fans

James Tavernier makes long-awaited confession to Rangers fans

James Tavernier has finally admitted his defensive mistakes following weeks of rearguard errors, often involving the Rangers captain.

The previously watertight-seeming backline has looked more vulnerable of late, shipping a number of goals, and while Tavernier’s defensive attributes have rarely been praised, they have recently come under the spotlight heavily not least thanks to the two goals conceded in Switzerland.

But he has revealed today that he is culpable along with others, and these errors need rooted out.

He said:

“I just think sometimes it’s come down to errors and mistakes, just simple things, if you cut out those simple things, more concentration, including myself, previously, in the weeks that I got criticised.”

It’s the first time the captain has held his hands up to defensive frailty on his part, however reluctantly, and while it doesn’t necessarily reveal an answer to the problem, acknowledgment of it is certainly the first step to fixing it.

Trouble is we’re just not sure Tavernier will ever have a game conducive to defensive sharpness and performance.

Happy to be proven wrong though.

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  1. Don't think Tavernier will ever be a good instinctive defender but he could become a much better attacker if he worked on his crossing.

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