Global megastars; Rangers make the news – in China…

Global megastars; Rangers make the news – in China…

Rangers have gone global with yesterday’s stunning result at Parkhead, even more global than normal, that is.

Steven Gerrard’s international brand coupled with that of the Ibrox giants was already box-office enough, but yesterday’s sensational 3 points in Glasgow’s east end took the Govan goliaths to as far as Taiwan and China with Far Eastern press reporting the story.

China’s Daily HK covered how Rangers are now just two points behind with a game in hand, and Taiwan Daily also pretty much looked at the same story – with the press in USA also not far behind either.

These sources, while making a big deal of Rangers’ promotion back in 2015, don’t cover Scottish football too intensely, but this story made media waves all over the planet.

As far as away as the Chinese superpower indeed.

It really is all about the Rangers, with this story being positive news, and rather than any sympathy to Celtic (everybody’s supposed to love them) instead the fact Rangers are catching (or have caught) them is being viewed as a feelgood story around the world.

We sure feel good about it at home.

Nice to know the rest of the world feels the same way.

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