Thursday, 5 December 2019

Controversy at Pittodrie, but it counted for nothing...

Post-match focus on Alfredo Morelos failing to get a legit penalty was nothing more than deflection by Steven Gerrard.

Yes, it was a penalty, and yes, it may or may not have altered the outcome, but the team, once that first conceded goal went in, simply didn’t respond and allowed Aberdeen to completely dictate the match thereafter.

This is not good enough – the manager didn’t apologise for the performance, instead attacking individual players again (without naming them, of course) and describing a tale of woe of losing out on a penalty, rather than admitting he made any mistakes himself or that the penalty was borderline immaterial.

We made a big deal of the two penalties we were blatantly denied recently v Feyenoord, so we’re as guilty as anyone of whining about penalties and injustice.

But while we had a lot of admiration over our comeback in Rotterdam and how we could even have won, last night we didn’t deserve any more than we got, and focus on a piece of injustice to us is trying to paper over the cracks of what was a monumental collapse from 1-2 onwards.

We get it, a manager feels he’s been denied a blatant pen, and referee Beaton apparently apologised, but end of the day the performance Rangers ultimately produced hardly deserved better.

Let’s focus on the things we can fix, rather than the injustices of poor officiating.
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