Controversy as SFA is accused of anti-Rangers ‘agenda’…

Controversy as SFA is accused of anti-Rangers ‘agenda’…

So, as we now all know Alfredo Morelos was second yellowed for a GIRUY gesture at the Motherwell fans.

They’d given him riotous abuse all match, and he felt the urge to fist underarm them and was, by the letter of the law, rightly sent off for this.

That they deserved it, that they’re snowflakes, it doesn’t matter – Morelos was sent off for the gesture you see above.

Now, with this all out in the open we don’t have anything like the objection to the booking that we did before – it was stupid, it was foolish, and even team mate Ryan Jack and manager Steven Gerrard had no quarrel with the red card.

But what we do have massive issue with is the following:

Not a booking seen for either of these. Hibs got away with it, and Celtic did too. What do these two have in common we wonder…

Nevertheless, the point is all three carried out the same offence – they committed the same offensive gesture to rival fans, as a result of provocation, but only one of them was slated for it.

We have no argument with Morelos’ fate – but we do have major issue with our fellow SPL sides getting away with the same crime.

Even a neutral fan from another club we noticed online commenting said:

“You do get the sense Morelos is being singled out.”

Yes, you do. And you can apply that to Rangers as a whole.

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  1. Morelos was unlucky that Don Robertson was the referee, who has issued 8 red cards in only 17 games this season. So any kind of stupidity was guaranteed to be punished, the issue of course is lack of consistency in the way different referees apply the rules.

    I would imagine that the players were warned about Robertson being card happy, 57 yellows and 8 reds in only 17 games this season. If they were warned then it does make Alfredo's behaviour even more inexcusable, but it certainly doesn't excuse the ridiculous lack of consistency in the way referees apply the rules.

  2. yes corrupt to the core ,the same as the politics in this country ,and it does effect football ,the celtic fans dont even turn up to watch there team anymore as they know the rest of scottish teams are on there side ,against the rangers ,when is the last time you seen a bad tackle in scottish games that didnt involve a rangers player ,they dont even show the top tiers at parkhead on sportscene because place is empty ,wonder what hibs team turn up on friday night , come on stevie burst there bubble . w,a,t,p

  3. Gerrard as usual with post match comments was spot on. No complaints about the red card but the referee was indeed desperate to give one out. It's not taken him long to realise that we are judged by a different set of standards. When Gerrard does eventually go, hopefully to Liverpool, it will be really fascinating to get his view on how Rangers are truly treated in this country.

  4. Yes this is what i stated in an earlier post,its a joke time for an indepedent enquiry fuckin fed up with it now,

    NO SURRENDER🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

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