Monday, 2 December 2019

Celtic have just plunged to a new low to attack Alfredo Morelos

You say weird things when you’re under pressure. We know, we get it – stress gets to us all and makes us behave in strange ways.

But even we had to commit a double take to this comment of madness which shows just how far Celtic fans will now go to defend their boy Edouard in the face of Alfredo Morelos’ genius.

Morelos of course nabbed yet another goal today, taking him to a staggering 25 in 28 for Rangers, and it was all too much for this chap who, in his desperation to attack Morelos and defend the French maestro at Parkhead, managed to undermine the very point of being a striker.


And the worrying thing is this chap clearly isn’t alone in using any mindless mental comment to smear El-Buffalo with and big up his own version.

Let’s not be ridiculous – Edouard is an excellent striker and Celtic are lucky (and wealthy enough) to have him. But Morelos’ form is so ludicrously good this season, verging into the world class sphere, that the finest from the East will resort to whatever they can to dismiss him.

Credibility out of the window, and remember chaps and chapesses – some of the best strikers in the world don’t score any goals…

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