Breaking £13M Morelos report designed to unsettle star

Breaking £13M Morelos report designed to unsettle star

Unreliable reports from a dubious source online have claimed Rangers have rejected a pathetic £13M bid for star striker Alfredo Morelos in the past 24 hours.

The source, well known for its misleading headlines and weakly-sourced ‘exclusives’ suggested the Colombian hitman had been subject of a near-£15M bid from an ‘unnamed’ Premier League side, which some argue is just a feeble attempt at unsettling him the day before the gigantic Old Firm showdown at Parkhead.

As we explained earlier, the striker will not go for a penny less than £50M, and even that is unlikely to be enough, and if anyone should bid, likely Newcastle at this point, they’d have to baseline begin the numbers at £25M to avoid being outright insulting.

But a £13M bid? That would be truly derisory, not unlike the alleged £3M from Turkey side Besiktas some years ago.

Either way, Morelos won’t leave except for a colossal fee, and even then, only if he wants to.

And we’re having doubts he does.

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