An Ibrox Noise announcement

An Ibrox Noise announcement

Another year and another sign off from Ibrox Noise, wishing all our readers a happy new year.

We’ve been going since 2011, so we’re in our 10th year, and for every angry internet person who gives us abuse, many more support – but we take all views on board and try to accommodate where we can.

There have been a few changes to the site this year, such as our exit from a well-known news aggregator – this was a mutual termination – we are unhappy with being associated with content on an engine like that which does little but host sites quoting Twitter posts from a guy down the pub who thinks “McGregor had a terrible game” or that “Joe Aribo is sh*te”.

There are also plans for changes next year, including a major one which will see us transformed significantly – keep an eye out for that.

We’ve also stepped up our social media presence, with the Facebook page growing hugely and thousands of new likes/readers/followers to join our group – and we’d like to thank you all, especially the most regular ‘Top Fans’ who are especially notable and bring a lot to our site.

We’d also like to thank our on-site staff – they give up their time to help the site, and some of them go completely anonymously and want no credit – to all of you, and you know who you are, thank you.

Last but not least thank you to all those who have helped make the site what it is – the loyal on-site regulars who support, constructively criticise and take part in giving us our community:

Robrob57, Joe90, Benidormloyal, BillB, True Blue, GersJimbo, and Dave the Rave are among those and dozens more (too many to list) we’d like to thank personally for their loyalty and continued support over the years, and we hope we can keep on bringing you content you’ll enjoy.

To you all, Happy New Year, the best of 2020 to you all and here’s to #55.


Your Ibrox Noise Team

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    • Thank you Tochmi, Poland is a nation close to our hearts here at Ibrox Noise. Best of health to you.

  1. happy new year ibrox noise when comes , simply the best when it comes to sticking up for the famous glasgow rangers

    • Thank you Stevie, we support (and criticise) like any true fan, even if some punters don't like it. Look forward to your continued company this year!

  2. All the best ibrox noise "Happy New Year" cheers for sharing the highs n lows of the mighty famous Glasgow Rangers
    And good luck with the new project😉

    • HNY BDL, your passion is second to none – we doubt there's a more dyed-in-the-wool fan on the site than you. All the best to you.

  3. All the best Ibrox Noise and I always check on here every day as know I can trust what you say unlike a lot of rubbish we all see online. So Best wishes in 2020 for all IN readers and fans of Gers,WATP

    • Thank you Chas, we call it always as we see it, and sometimes, like anyone, get it wrong – but we admit when we do. Thank you for your support and have a great 2020.

  4. Happy New Year to all at Ibrox Noise and fellow bears. On this site, I love the diversity of opinions of our teams performances, but are totally united in supporting it's success. I pray this time next year, we are talking about our 2 in a row campaign. Thank you for all your hard work Ibrox Noise, looking forward to what lies ahead for us this year.

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