Alfredo Morelos has a problem….

Alfredo Morelos has a problem….

We have to add in a disclaimer – Alfredo Morelos has not become a bad striker overnight.

But he certainly has two problems right now.


We never said a word about the fact he only got one in the gubbing of Hamilton. An on-form Alfie would have bagged two or three.


He was absolutely wretched at Pittodrie, and we warned aggressive about selecting him in that one.

There’s no getting away from how bad Morelos was today – and how evidently this is a fixture which brings the worst out in him and makes him play by far his worst.

Without any doubt Celtic have the measure of Morelos – and he does little to overcome it. While he managed a few shots, none of them were potent, none of them were intelligent, and he looked like a wee boy out there, desperate to show the world he can play with the big boys.

His penalty was miserable, his non-red card a disgrace, and while he’s had worse afternoons in a Rangers shirt, on this magical season where his value has sky rocketed, Morelos turned significantly back into the player he was last season.

This doesn’t mean he’s now back to his old self, nor does it mean the opposite. It just means Celtic seems to be a fixture Morelos could play for a hundred years in and never score.

Rangers strikers, as Ally McCoist said prior to kick off, get judged scoring against Celtic.

Morelos can’t do that, and it seems now he’s not destined to.

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  1. I would drop him,get his feet back on ground,get the big money out his head,i would rather seen tav take that penalty than him,knew he was going to miss,he needs to stop this fuckin diving all over the place aswell ffs,its everytime he gets the ball hes on the fuckin floor get a grip

  2. I agree bennidorm loyal he needs to stop rolling about like a wee lassie and stand tall as saying that what South American does not dive like a wee bird these days as for tav as say in other comment he's not a leader at all he passed the buck to the buff in my eyes we need man on that park that going to drive us to be winners like a jacko or a mcgregor I can't blame him for missing penaltie I blame tav for passing the buck once again don't know what you think big yin that my opinion tho

  3. Here we go. Suddenly we're not good enough and everyone's a fanny. We outplayed them today and on another day would've won comfortably. In future fixtures we will win without playing as well as we did today. Morelos could easily have scored a goal or two today and your perspective would've been totally different.

  4. Good article IN. Morelos has improved his discipline since last season, but yesterday showed it is still just under the surface. He needs to grow up whether he stays at Ibrox or goes elsewhere.

  5. Jesus none of you have a clue your looking in the wrong area. kent is a big problem 7 million and he wont score 8 or 9 goals this season plus the rest of them barker aribo ojo arfield jack to name but a few will be lucky score 20 goals between them there lies the problem not morelos.

    • Kent will score double figures this year easily. Ryan Jack has been the best player in the country this season and has already chipped in with a few goals.

  6. Thing is RR57, while he should score double figures, he is not showing up for 90 minutes which might come back to haunt us in tight games (Aberdeen, Ceptic) J

  7. WTF 25 goals in 31 games.
    Can IN please go find another striker with those same problems.
    Ill go pick him up 😎

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