Alfredo Morelos has just made the headlines – AGAIN

Alfredo Morelos has just made the headlines – AGAIN

Alfredo Morelos has officially finished the Europa League group stages as top scorer of the tournament so far.

His latest striker against YB put him in a league of his own with 6 goals, with a clutch of players on 5 behind him.

But no one can match the Colombian, who, despite some slightly middling displays v Aberdeen and Celtic has propelled himself back to the top of Europe and the stratosphere of value, and teams will have to dig crazy deep to even make Rangers look their way come January.

Morelos stats this Europa League group campaign have been stunning, with a contribution higher than anyone else in the tournament relative to goals – he really has been the number one player in the tournament and there’s no doubting the former HJK star has seen his value skyrocket over the course of the campaign.

But the 6 goals in 6 matches is an astonishing return for such a high level of football, to have done it against teams of the quality of Porto, Feyenoord and Young Boys – the cream of Europe.

It’s no wonder we want to hold onto this absolute star. 

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  1. Alfredo has been fantastic for us. My biggest "concern", is that he has scored such a high proportion of our goals, especially in Europe. We are in real need of another player or players contributing goals.

  2. There is no way, we should let him go in January. We should at least, get the season out of him. My concern is, we get a wheel-barrow of cash for him, then not have anybody with his potential, to come in and replace him. Trying to scrimp and find another prospect like him, on the cheap, will be very difficult. We should spend it all, on a truly world-class replacement. Not saying Alfie isn't, world-class.

  3. what a servant hes been for the famous on and off the park ,no way hes leaving until season over ,why do you think all other teams in scotland raise there game against us ,is it because were biggest team in scotland, or are they trying to help eastenders out, its essential we keep mr gerrard for another few years as he now knows how corrupt the scottish set up is, its our big birthday shortly 150 years old lets add to stadium finish developing around stadium ,so with 55 coming shortly we are going to celebrate like never before , r,t,i,d

  4. oops forgot to add how corrupt lines man was at cup final ,as he had plenty time to position himself as was a set peace , disgrace ,laughing stock

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