Alfredo Morelos

Alfredo Morelos

We have to assume Alfie will start. It would be a true shocker if Rangers’ star man was on the bench, because as much as the club has a date with destiny today to finally lift a major trophy again, so does the Colombian with scoring against Celtic.

This has been the monkey on his back for an age, and he’s clearly shown the form this season to prove he’s more than capable of scoring against a better side.

He’s done at the highest levels, the Europa League qualifiers, group stage, internationals, against some of the best teams out there.

But until Morelos scores against Celtic, he will be harshly judged by his detractors just like Kris Boyd was.

Rangers’ former striker only ever scored once against Celtic, and it was when the league was already lost. It was one hell of a strike, yes, but with nothing really riding on it its relevance was much lower than it would have been otherwise.

Morelos does not want to be remembered like Kris Boyd, by never scoring against Celtic, and after his shock omission from the September XI, the ex-HJK man will expect to start today and expect to score.

We need it for him as much as anything – he’s missed some really painful chances against Celtic, and that goal-line miss at Ibrox was as much a mental block as a physical miss.

He’s a stronger player, a better player, a leaner far more properly equipped player now, and one who we trust to finally do the business against our fiercest rivals.

And we can’t wait for him to do it.

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  1. Hes not worth 2 fuckin bob now,thats 2 games in a row hes missing chances,and who the fuck let him take the penalty,i knew he was never gonna score ffs hes of the boil now should have scored 5 ffs pish

  2. Just a stupid wee man, you just need to look at his face during a game (when it does not go well) and know he will never really make it, but he is worth £ M ????? J

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