What does the future hold for these 11 Rangers players?

What does the future hold for these 11 Rangers players?

Recently some trashy tabloids ran headline stories about various Rangers players’ other halves and their hedonistic activities on a night out.

Now, the intriguing thing about this was the packaging of the headlines themselves:

‘Rangers’ stars WAGS’, in a nutshell.

So, we’re thinking, even if we don’t care what their partners do, that ‘they’ are the Alfredo Morelos, Jermain Defoe, maybe even Steven Gerrards of this world.

No, this was about Matt Polster and Andy Halliday.

We should say, we have zero issue with either of these gents, and in fact have pressed for Polster to get more of a chance while crediting Halliday with a fine contribution over the years.

But Rangers stars is a bit of a stretch and may be slightly misleading.

However, the crux of this article is not about what Brittany (or whatever her and her friends’ names are) does on a Friday night, the piece is about the squad pile at Ibrox and just how much depth is in reserve.

Polster and Halliday are among a group of fringe players who are very much making up the numbers at Ibrox, while still being good enough to contribute if called upon.

This group is quite vast, and includes players who cycle on the bench and the Dev squad.

It is Polster, Halliday, Jamie Murphy, Eros Grezda, Andy King, Jamie Barjonas, Greg Docherty, Jordan Jones, Jon Flanagan, Wes Foderingham and Andy Firth.
That, in all honesty, is quite an eclectic bunch – it has some real quality in there, while also having a portion of absolute chafe, and leaves us wondering just how many of them will still be at Ibrox on February the 1st.

We know Gerrard tried everything to get rid of Grezda, and a loan out for Murphy, but there are still a pile of others there who aren’t getting minutes, or many, and it’s a bit of a wasted wage.

Rangers’ overheads have hiked £20M to £60M, and a lot of that is down to having too much dead wood on the wage bill.

While the first team squad itself is looking pretty settled and is mainly a group of around 20 players, the extra 10 or so remain very much on our books and we wonder the strategy here.

Is it the notion of keeping them in case of injury, your Polsters, Hallidays and Dochertys et al to come in as the season ages and players are lost through wear, tear and suspension?

Or is it just that they’re expendable, and entirely surplus and will go if and when the right offer or circumstances arrive?

Let’s not just dismiss this as ‘in Gerrard We Trust’ – because that’s not an answer any more than God moves in mysterious ways. It’s a genuine topic worth considering because financially it’s not ideal and it gives the manager too many players to keep happy.

What will happen to these guys come January?

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  1. All of those players, with maybe the exception of Jones and Flanagan, could go and make way for 2 or 3 that would be capable of being first picks. It would be harsh on people like Murphy, Docherty and Barjonas who have done nothing wrong but that is the harsh reality of playing for Rangers.

  2. Not a lot I don't think.

    Halliday and Jon Flanagan will stay because they both tow the line and fill multiple positions if required.

    Polster, Jamie Murphy & Eros Grezda Look out of place so may go out if we can find a suitable option although I think polster will stay.

    Andy King is obviously here as backup for the season because SG doesn't trust the other options

    speaking of which, Jamie Barjonas, Greg Docherty will likely go out on loan.

    Jordan Jones will probably get more game time once he returns from injury

    Wes Foderingham and Andy Firth are backup goalies and not going anywhere until the summer. hopefully won't be required but would be suicidal to not have them in the squad.

  3. Agree with Robrob. I would love Halliday, Murphy and Docherty to make it, but Halliday us no longer good enough for us, Murphy may be too old to make it back and Docherty's face does t seem to fit.
    I would keep Jones and Flanagan, too soon to bin Jones and Flanagan covers both FB slots. If Foderingham goes he will have to be replaced, too soon for Mcrorie.
    Rest we can live without, but they may not wish to go. Don't approve of paying up contracts, of they want the money, they can stay and earn it

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