“Well above £2M” – Rangers ready to sell….

“Well above £2M” – Rangers ready to sell….

Rangers are ready to cash in on frozen-out Eros Grezda, should a decent offer arrive in January.

Consigned to Development Squad hell, the current/former Albanian international has a market value of well above £2M and with a deal which doesn’t expire till summer 2022 and Rangers’ lack of desperation to sell, the club could in fact make a bit of a profit on a player they shelled out over 7 figures for in the summer of last year.

The fact is Rangers are sitting on a player with a value, and the club isn’t interested in loaning him out – the only way Eros Grezda is leaving is permanent, and while the club don’t want to mutual consent this one, if that is the only way to get him off the wage bill permanently it would be reluctantly considered.

But then we turn to Fabio Cardoso.

The Portuguese defender, with a potential market value of up to £5M, was freed by Rangers’ boardand immediately switched to Santa Clara, a Bosman move which had been clearly lined up in advance and gave the former Vitoria Setubal stopper a fat signing on fee plus top-flight Portuguese football while costing Rangers millions.

Rangers are NOT allowing that to happen again. Not for anyone under 30.

Graham Dorrans and Kyle Lafferty’s market values were certainly limited, but Cardoso, only 24 at the time, was valuable and Rangers lost out on that.

Enter Eros Grezda. Rangers will do everything to avoid losing the millions here for nothing, a 24-year old like he has clear value and Rangers would rather keep him on the wage bill for 3 years than lose the potential millions on his head for nothing.

The Fabio Cardoso example is one to learn from.

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  1. If anybody comes in for Grezda with anywhere near £2m, bite their hand off.
    The guy is an enigma he has plenty ability but no desire, even his National manager criticised his commitment

  2. Not sure I share your optimism. I reckon if anybody offered £500k they'd have bitten their hand off.

    The fact he wasn't sold in the summer was down to the fact nobody wants him. I think this is an example where we need to loan him out to build interest in him. Even if he went to Hearts or somewhere and had a fab 6 months we might generate interest down south and net a couple of million.

  3. Everything I saw him I thought to myself this guy is terrible if we get anywhere near 2mll we are lucky this guy from what I saw is not worth over 2mll no chance.

  4. I agree that if we got offered £500k they would grab it. He is a depreciating asset,the longer he doesn't play then the more his value will reduce. I just hope that a deal of some kind can be done to get him off the books.

  5. Agree, bite anyone's hands off that offers anything close to 2 mil. Get rid of this wage-thief, for good. Even his national team, don't want him.

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