Friday, 29 November 2019

Two 9's and a 10 - player ratings as Rangers draw in Holland

No, we hadn’t forgotten the ratings.

With so much to chew through after last night’s epic tussle in Holland, we had higher priorities than the player ratings, but now we can finally deliver some scores.

We’re sure you’ll all disagree!


Had no chance with either goal, and yet pulled off some huge saves in this one especially during a first half which Rangers will be grateful for just the one lost goal. He really stood up, and his point blank header save in the second was classic game-saving McGregor. Excellent. 9


Very mixed night for the captain. Struggled to really get into it in the first half as an attacking force, and what crosses he provided were mostly poor, but got more of the ball in the second half and actually provided some excellent defensive interceptions. Was caught at the wrong end of the pitch for the equaliser though. 6


Mixed night here too. Some of his usual aerial clearances relieved pressure on the defence, but at sixes and sevens for the equaliser and showed he still isn’t able to command the box. 6


Yet another mixed night. Showed both weakness and strength as he got utterly done for a header which mercifully didn’t lead to anything but managed to show power to fend off a few pressing attacks. Was hapless like Goldson for the equaliser and extremely culpable. 6


Strangely blamed by commentator Alex Rae for a weak clearing header when in fact the header cleared the box – just very unfortunate it landed at the wrong shirt. Otherwise a solid match, with a decent crossing rate albeit a few did go wayward. Kept Berghuis pretty quiet. Again he was Rangers’ best defender and provided the pinpoint assist for Morelos’ second. 8


Superb from the NI international. Recovered from his penalty miss to put in an assured display, and was pulling all the strings from midfield. His delivery for Kent’s assist was marvellous and he showed all his experience. 9


A scrappy start (we say that a lot about this boy) but his gritty work helped to stem most of Feyenoord’s attacks. Distribution was very good with few misplaced passes and his mobility ensured opponents had to work for space. 7


Perhaps a little subdued by Jack’s standards, he did make some big interceptions and plenty of tackles but it wasn’t quite his usual attacking marauding self. This was mainly because Feyenoord’s midfield simply had more of the ball and he was often chasing shadows, but showed brilliant speed of thought to game manage at the end of the match. 7


Actually had some bright moments but overall wasn’t able to get as involved as he’d want to – ruined a good passing move with sheer loss of concentration. 18 passes all night only reaffirmed our point from weeks ago that he just doesn’t distribute the ball enough. 6


After a very poor start (what was that backheel all about mate) Kent crept into the game more and more and by the end was hugely involved, his assist for Morelos’ opener (and control from Davis’ pass) being absolutely sublime. Caused constant danger when he got the ball. Energetic, Kent is definitely regaining that match fitness. 8


Was causing very little mischief up front till he set the match alive with his first then his second. In this one Morelos, starved of service, worked hard as he could, starved anything to actually feed off, till he FINALLY got a (half, he still had tonnes to do) chance and buried it. Then did it exactly the same again 13 minutes later. This was a world class performance from the best player in the Europa League. 10



More composure than Ojo and provided a calming assurance. 6


There was nothing wrong with Stevie’s selection – sure, we’d personally prefer Katic over Goldson but otherwise, Jones aside, this was close to his best team – but it was just second best in that first half where it couldn’t get the ball nor forge any worthwhile possession or attacks. That stayed exactly the same in the second until a three-player moment of genius changed everything, and we’re not sure how much of this we can attribute to the manager on this occasion. There was no obvious shift in tactic in the second half, no clear change – yet this moment changed it all. He picked more or less the right team, but they just didn’t play in that first half. One goal changed the whole match, and either way, Stevie will be delighted to get yet more points away from home in this tournament. 7
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