Top of Europe – the stunning table-topping Gers standing alone among the best

Top of Europe – the stunning table-topping Gers standing alone among the best

Rangers’ exploits in the Europa League certainly haven’t gone unnoticed by our fans, but more and more Europe is waking up to just what an effect Steven Gerrard is having on this club, and if we needed any more proof of just what a radical season the manager is having with Ramgers, we only need to take a look at the stats in Europe’s second-top club competition.

Three Rangers men feature stunningly in these, and prove without a shadow of a doubt the value we propose, at least for two of them, certainly floats convincingly into the multimillion categories.

Starting with Alfredo Morelos, he’s third-top scorer in the whole tournament, with a superb 3 in 4, with just four men in the entire group of 64 clubs ahead of him.

If nothing else proves this growing star’s value to his club and market cost, that does.

But it doesn’t stop there, his team mate, who assisted him twice and created one other sits TOP of the assists table with 3. Borna Barisic, who’s having an extraordinary season especially in comparison with last, tops the whole competition on his own. Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney, signed by the Gunners for £25M this summer, can’t even match this and has to settle for second best.

And last but not least, an unexpected source finishes a very respectable 18th place for an overall superb 92.5% passing percentage in the form of Brandon Barker.

Sure, we don’t see his value hiking up beyond £20M for that alone, but it’s nice to know Rangers players are mixing, matching and indeed besting the best of Europe when it comes to delivering on the pitch.

Just another string in Gerrard’s bow.

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