They’re not even hiding any more how badly they want Morelos gone

They’re not even hiding any more how badly they want Morelos gone

Further on the tone of the Scottish media regarding our earlier piece on the diabolical actions of Celtic neds at Ibrox recently, is the continuing amusement of the difference between coverage of Odsonne Edouard and Alfredo Morelos.

Both players are being linked with moves out, but we had to laugh at the difference in tone between how both are being reported.

From a national gossip column:

“Everton have been urged to sign Alfredo Morelos. Darren Bent has told the Toffees to splash 20m on the striker.”


“Celtic ace Odsonne Edouard is too expensive for Serie A clubs. Lazio, Napoli and Roma are all reportedly keen but he is expected to cost around £25M”

So, let’s just be clear – Italian goliaths Lazio, Napoli and Roma (three of the biggest and richest teams in Italy) can’t afford Edouard so they should walk away, but Everton, a midrange PL side currently residing in a heady 15th place can afford roughly the same price for Morelos and they should eagerly snap him up?

Anyone else noticing a SLIGHT difference in how basically two identical stories are being reported completely differently? In a nutshell:

“The SPFL and Celtic are desperate to weaken Rangers and get the best striker in Scotland outta here, so bring a washed-up former footballer in to encourage Everton to get him.”


“Stay away from Edouard, you can’t afford him.”

You absolutely have to laugh.

They’re not even trying to pretend any more.

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  1. I find it incredible that anyone could think they were of similar value – a quick look at their stats should cure that.
    They say Eduoard scores in the big games – so what is he doing in the other games, table tennis? He is failing to score, that's what

  2. I love Benidormloyal's posts – always direct and to the point. we can all smell the fear from the BBC and Celtic. WATP

  3. And to think we wanted rid of Morelos! Couple of sit down chats "yae canny kick anyone else in the baws Alfredo okay" and hes now worth 25 million at this rate now the indiscipline is gone.

    I actually think if fit he could get 50 GOALS this season to match Larsson.

    Strong rumours is he is now on the penalties.

    And at 28 more goals to get to 50 with about a potential still of 35+ games in the season.

    He has 28 games left (not including a potential 5 in the Scottish Cup, 2/4 in last 32/16 of Europe and 5 at the Copa America.) Granted he wont play in all but if he played in 33 34 35 of them I dont see why it cannot happen. He already has 22 in 26 minus the penalty duties.

    Cannot wait for the season to start back up.

  4. WATP Gerrand keep Morelos and at the end of the season when we win the league and stop these shower of picks getting nine and seeing that wee ginger prick getting the sack how will the BBC report that outcome tv licence fuck them.

  5. The jealousy is unbelievable they .the Tim's are so afraid of what might happen they are desperate for someone to buy our great goalscorer.

  6. Fake news from a shower of fake tarrier shitehouses…We Are And Always Will Be The People 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  7. Sit back and laugh at all this crap.Stevie G will build around the most lethal goalscorer we have had in decades.This is our time..right here right now to sit back and listen to the whailing Tims.

  8. Last week we were happy to report Morelas was reportedly worth £120M, now I know the article headline was ridiculous but it is double standards.Then an Unknown is posted with some great grammar, really enjoy Ibrox News articles until today and I suspect I will have SWH stating that I am not a Gers fan, if you post, still waiting to my reply to SWH regarding HMRC which in reality is why we will need to sell Morelos, nothing to do with another clubs striker J

    • Firstly, why would I post that you are not a Gers fan? Did I reply to a post of yours about HMRC? Did you claim that we would have to sell Morelos to pay off HMRC, or to stop us going bust?
      If you did, then I think that is rubbish, we do not and will not have to sell Morelos. He will eventually go, for big money, but not in January.
      I do not understand the first half of your post, it doesn't make sense to me.
      If I stated or implied that you are not a Gers fan, it will only have been because you have made soime ridiculous and/or unsubstantiated comment. You will have to remind me what exactly it was, i don't care enough to have remembered.

  9. The reporting really is pathetic, but there's nothing new in that. Eduardo is a good player, and 12 months ago he probably was valued at more than Morelos because of Alfredo's temperament. But right now, it's actually hilarious to see anyone valuing Eduardo on a par with Alfredo. Eduardo continues to be a good player, but as Alfredo has improved way beyond expectation, quite simply the stats show who is now top dog.
    As for the impact of the way media report, I honestly don't think there is any impact at all in terms of influencing a professional football club to buy a player. Everton won't be influenced by what some halfwit writes in the media. They will have their own system of identifying and evaluating potential signings.

  10. This the same guy that misses sitters from one yard and been sent off 5times in two seasons has won fuck all and never scores against big clubs and champions keep raging hunny bun and mind the gap🤳🤳🤳🤳🤳

  11. SWH, because you did, but as you say, you don't care, you clearly have no recollection of the article, my post or your reply, which is fine. Makes your most recent response pointless and before you say it, makes my continued thoughts on anything you post pretty pointless as well. J

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