Monday, 18 November 2019

They're not even hiding any more how badly they want Morelos gone

Further on the tone of the Scottish media regarding our earlier piece on the diabolical actions of Celtic neds at Ibrox recently, is the continuing amusement of the difference between coverage of Odsonne Edouard and Alfredo Morelos.

Both players are being linked with moves out, but we had to laugh at the difference in tone between how both are being reported.

From a national gossip column:

“Everton have been urged to sign Alfredo Morelos. Darren Bent has told the Toffees to splash 20m on the striker.”


“Celtic ace Odsonne Edouard is too expensive for Serie A clubs. Lazio, Napoli and Roma are all reportedly keen but he is expected to cost around £25M”

So, let’s just be clear – Italian goliaths Lazio, Napoli and Roma (three of the biggest and richest teams in Italy) can’t afford Edouard so they should walk away, but Everton, a midrange PL side currently residing in a heady 15th place can afford roughly the same price for Morelos and they should eagerly snap him up?

Anyone else noticing a SLIGHT difference in how basically two identical stories are being reported completely differently? In a nutshell:

“The SPFL and Celtic are desperate to weaken Rangers and get the best striker in Scotland outta here, so bring a washed-up former footballer in to encourage Everton to get him.”


“Stay away from Edouard, you can’t afford him.”

You absolutely have to laugh.

They’re not even trying to pretend any more.

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