There’s definitely something new in the Scottish press these days…


“Celtic have been rocked with the breaking news a glut of clubs want Odsonne Edouard this January for a reported £30M, while Neil Lennon is wanted by a pile of suitors.

The shocker is set to test Celtic board’s resistance as their star player and manager gets linked out yet again with a pile of suitors ready to fight for their signatures….”

Sound familiar?

No? That’s because unlike Rangers’ Alfredo Morelos and Steven Gerrard, there is no agenda to wanting rid of Celtic’s star striker or manager, to securing the release of their most potent player and the man who leads it. So we don’t see any stories about a clutch of PL or European sides seeking Edouard or Lennon, not because there strictly aren’t (we’re no fools, Edouard is a good player, not so sure about the manager), but because a Celtic-driven agenda in the Scottish press clearly wants Morelos and Gerrard gone.

They’re the biggest threat to the quadruple treble, and if Rangers do win the Betfred next month, the biggest threat to stopping 9IAR.

And a Celtic-minded press and governing body doesn’t want to see the Colombian in a Rangers shirt any longer or Stevie in the dugout, so the stories saturate about their departure, while Celtic’s own men are left completely alone in peace by comparison.

Of course, this is not to say there have NEVER been stories, there have – but not with the frequency or intensity of the ones seemingly desperate for Morelos and Stevie G to move on.

Either way, for his part Morelos’ survives every transfer window and Stevie says the Colombian won’t go anywhere in the next one either.

And that goes for himself too.


  1. The Scottish press are low life. The reason they write this stuff about Morelos and SG is because they will. Sell more papers than writing same about Lennon and McCartney. Oops sorry, Lennon and whoever. I thought Lennon did a reasonable job at Hibs. He tried to play a bit of football. Not allowed in Scotland of course if you are playing old firm. Cluggging is what you are supposed to do.

  2. The Eastend trash will use every trick under the sun to try and gain an advantage, and that includes their Vatican footsoldier pals in the press.
    They plumb the depths of depravity at every turn, when you think they can't get any worse with their antics, they will, and disgust us even further, they are dirty scum, a subspecies of human being?.

  3. So here's a thought guys. IN mention if Rangers win next month's Betfred, the biggest threat to stopping 9IAR. If Rangers win the Betfred, I genuinely believe Rangers could go on and win the treble. Can you image the histrionics that would cause!

  4. To be honest, I see it differently. No chance Eduoard is worth £30 million, but he is decent. If Alfie is worth £30 million, he is worth high teens, maybe. Popcorn Teeth is worth a couple of those old coins down the back of the sofa – he has been tried and found wanting in England, remember.
    No, the reason you see stories about us in the SMSM is because
    **WE ARE THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN**, the Mighty Glasgow Rangers. People want to read about us, even if it is made up. Not child abusing rebels. Love us or hate us, they can't ignore us
    It really is that simple. WATP, RTID

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