Steven Gerrard to Arsenal – live

Steven Gerrard to Arsenal – live

Arsenal have been linked with a move for Steven Gerrard following Unai Emery’s desperate form at the Emirates.

Reaction to this story is mixed to say the least, and it is said to have sprung as a suggestion from a radio pundit, but given just how Gerrard’s stock in coaching is rising this season, Arsenal being interested in getting rid of the Spaniard in favour of the Scouser isn’t that far-fetched.

Of course, Gerrard wouldn’t be interested.

He is only going to leave Rangers for one job, and that’s Liverpool. He is touted as the next Anfield manager when Jurgen Klopp moves on, although the German’s tenure on Merseyside could last many many years if his current success is anything to go by.

But Arsenal, low on funds and low on morale, not to mention crowds, are hardly the right place for a rising new manager to go to.

It doesn’t seem to be working out too well for the ex-Valencia manager Emery, with ex-coach Arsene Wenger secretly enjoying a wry smile at how his former charges have declined in his encouraged absence, and his ‘jaikit’ is certainly on a ‘shoogly’ peg right now.

But any replacement Arsenal chiefs seek for the current incumbent will not include Gerrard.

Even if they want him, he doesn’t want them, nor do we want him to leave.

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  1. You think hed knock back a EPL job with a club of the stature of Arsenal? Sorry mate but if the gunners come in for SG we losing him end of.

  2. The tims and and their extended family in the media are not half trying their best to cause unrest, they are coming out the woodwork from everywhere.
    If it's not Morelos they are trying to punt it's Tavernier, then it's Kamara and Arfield now Stevie G.
    They are getting worried lads.
    Its Squeaky Bum time over at the Chamber of Secrets.

  3. Brendan Rodgers has also been linked as a possible candidate. I am sure many more names will be linked with the job, although of course there isn't a vacancy at present. I do suspect there might be unless things improve there.

    But I have no worries about Stevie being tempted, he demonstrated during his playing days that he is a very loyal person, resisting offers of big money to move elsewhere. I really do believe he will be Rangers manager until Liverpool come calling, and keep my fingers crossed that Klopp isn't tempted by another club – the most likely candidate being Real Madrid.

  4. Everyone is obsessed with Gerrard. Not so long ago we were told he would be sacked by Christmas, he is still here so its now every job under the sun he is 'targeted'. Yesterday it was Leeds. Today its Arsenal. No doubt Barcelona will be after him too. I ignore the pundits opinions, complete crap and clickbait material

  5. I don't it will happen , but anyone who thinks Gerrard would knock back the Arsenal job must be mad ….a team who are massively underperforming and lacking leadership would be a dream job for any manager to get now and turn things round

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