Steven Gerrard just played a £25M blinder

Steven Gerrard just played a £25M blinder

Steven Gerrard has ‘confirmed’ that despite giving interviews to the contrary to his homeland recently, striker Alfredo Morelos, electric in yesterday’s League Cup semi-final, is not going anywhere in the next transfer window.

With literally 8 weeks to go till winter business starts in earnest, Rangers’ manager was pressed on Morelos’ comments lately which alluded to his interest in any useful offers from ‘more competitive leagues’, but confirmed what Rangers fans want to hear:

“I’m not confident – I’m 100% sure he’s not going anywhere.”

This is not hope, this is absolute expectation and only means that if anyone comes along in January intending to purchase the player, they’re going to have to smash the Scottish transfer record to persuade Rangers to part with him.

Morelos’ form has been on fire this season, with debate raging from bored individuals about who’s better, he or Celtic’s Edouard – we really don’t care about the ‘answer’ to that, we only care about two things:

Keeping our man, or selling him for a disgusting amount of cash.

Steven Gerrard has no desire to sell Morelos, and clearly laid down a marker – he’s played this one wisely.

By stating the Colombian is going nowhere, he’s stressing the player’s importance to Rangers – and our lack of need to sell.

With the 23-year old contracted for years to come, and being in the form of his life, while being of a fantastic age, Rangers know that if the worst comes to the worst and a rich PL (or otherwise) side moves for him, they’ll have to go well beyond the £25M Arsenal paid for Celtic’s Kieran Tierney to secure a talent like Morelos.

Which would give Gerrard plenty funds to sign a more than adequate replacement.

Or the hitman stays and helps fire Rangers to 55. Not all that bad either way.

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  1. Morelos going nowhere in January, the right thing to do.
    The wee man stays, helps us win trophies, keep battering in the goals, he will get bigger clubs after him rather than the relegation fodder of Aston Villa and Crystal Palace, and probably more money for us.

  2. He wiil be off on the summer , if he continues his form till then Rangers can then ask for £30 Million plus, starting price
    If he goes in the next window were possibly handing Celtic the title on a plate …it won't happen

  3. Gerrard made a statement of fact. Morelos is going nowhere in January no matter what silly money is offered. Whatever teams are willing to pay in this window will be beaten in the summer and we are not going to win the league without Alfie, simple as that. Once again Morelos is "not going anywhere" in January, that's what Steven Gerrard said.

  4. After spending over £7m on Kent I hope the club are scouring Europe for a striker in the same bracket that we can bring in BEFORE we sell Morelos. Don't want to be in a situation where we are scratching around trying to find a replacement and taking any old rubbish at inflated prices. If we get someone and Morelos doesn't go then all the better.

  5. Would far rather he was sold in the summer. Only desperate teams need him in January, he should want better than that. And no amount of money, which we do not currently need, would compensate for losing the league.
    He can go, with our blessing and for an obscene amount of money, in the summer once he has won us the league

    • So unknown thinks that £20m Oli McBurnie is twice the player that Morelos is? And presumably believes Dominic Solanke at £19m is miles ahead of Morelos too. Both players have done next to nothing in the senior game but you are happy to accept that both are miles ahead of Morelos. And if you believe that he is just a poacher then you haven't been paying attention. He brings more to the team than most strikers I know. In fact I would say that his poaching ability is not the strongest part of his game.

    • Unknown, why don't you save up for a name then come back with a comment. Although £10 million for Morelos makes it unlikely you have anything sensible to say

    • He right …20 goals at start of November never mind Xmas….if that's a poacher I'll take it….and for being only worth £10m I think either your head is up in the clouds or being an unknown user probably a ceptic fan …..

  6. Unknown where have you been watching your football … definitely not watching Rangers…Morelos brings so much more to Rangers than your statement suggests…I can only assume you're a ceptic fan at the noise up..WATP

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