Stat of the season? Incredible reveal for Steven Gerrard’s Rangers that Celtic fans will hate

Stat of the season? Incredible reveal for Steven Gerrard’s Rangers that Celtic fans will hate

As we alluded to in an earlier entry, Steven Gerrard’s Rangers are the real deal now, proven over the weekend especially convincingly.

But we went further – we pointed out the fact Celtic are normally 5-10 points ahead by this point, and that was evidence of how the gap is closed or indeed gone.

In fact we can elaborate even more.

On the 10th November last season, Rangers were gearing up to face Motherwell for matchday 13, and sat on 21 points.

Yesterday, similarly after match day 12 having just faced Livi, Rangers sit not only joint with Celtic, but are an absolutely staggering 10 points better off this season than we were last.

Celtic, for their part were 25 points – 4 ahead to be exact. This season, they have actually stepped up and naturally also have 31 points at this stage of the season, but it’s the fact Rangers are completely keeping up with the pace, and presenting a real challenge this time around that is the real difference.

Celtic have stepped up to the matter of 6 points with a higher overall budget and a more expensively-assembled team.

Rangers have stepped up an extra 10 points with a far lower budget and a manager in only his second season as a coach.

It’s a stunning position to be in, by anyone’s standards. This time last season Rangers had 21 points. Now it’s 31.

Nothing else shows the staggering improvement better than that.

Although a comfortable win over Porto does help in that regard too…

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  1. Please remember that whatever happens in the remainder of the season. We have made huge strides as a club under Gerrard who, some forget, has only been here for around 18 months. That doesn't just apply to the first team either. So even if we come up short this season we are definitely on our way.

  2. It shows the Eastend trash are stepping up because they know this year we are the real deal.
    Keep putting pressure on them, keep the boot on their neck by keeping on winning and see where it takes us, let's see if they have the bottle to win when the pressure is constantly on, they have never been in that position before because everybody else was slipping up.

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