SPL lies against Rangers and Steven Gerrard – but we’re used to it

SPL lies against Rangers and Steven Gerrard – but we’re used to it

 Article by: Derek

So, Gary Holt was left raging when Steven Gerrard said the truth.

Oh sorry, my mistake. No one in the Scottish league plays physical when they are up against Rangers.

Obviously, my memory is wonky and I only dreamed that Peter Hartley, the Motherwell Captain, for F-Sake was forced to publicly apologise, when he openly mocked Fabio Cardoso’s broken nose

A huge gash on the head didn’t even get an apology from Gary holt, or from Livingston defender Ricki Lamie, who was the player who made a bloody mess of Aribo.

That injury was so bad it almost cost Aribo his place in an international against Brazil.

Ohh I forgot Ricki led with his elbow not just once, but twice in two reckless tackles. So, again I must be wrong, because the fact the first elbow attack on Morelos didn’t take the head of our striker clearly means Ricki wasn’t really playing a dangerous game. I mean if Morelos was not taken off injured, how can we really complain about Aribo getting his face bashed in.

Then there was that over-friendly tackle by Ryan Porteous on Lassana Coulibaly which almost shattered his leg. That clearly was just the Hibs player trying to give the Rangers player a gentle hug. I really don’t know how I have got all this so wrong.

Ohhh shut up, who am I kidding, and more importantly who is this Gary Holt trying to kid with his nonsense? I’m left raging rant about the fact his players look like they are routinely try to cripple other players.

Let’s be honest about this, the players from the lower end of the league commit to these tackles, not because they are being careless, but because someone is putting it in their mind that they must be physical against our team.

Any player who thinks it is OK to physically harm another human being, just because they are not good enough to win by playing fair should not be on the field, period.

I am with Gerrard on this…it’s time to put an end to this stupidity. Violent play is violent play, and players who resort to it should be sent off.

This Thursday Connor Goldson was very lucky he did not receive a broken nose when he received an elbow across the face when the Porto striker deliberately tried to injure him, with a back swing with his arm.

And as we have already seen, when one team gets away with being “tough” and they find they are free to kick lumps out of anyone in a blue shirt, then everyone thinks they need to do the same. In fact, they feel it Is required to do the same, because otherwise they are playing at a “disadvantage”.

So, over the years, Aberdeen players now feel they are free to do Judo throws on Alfred Morelos, with total impunity, or for almost every single player in their team to get a yellow card during a cup semi-final, because they know fine well that the refs will not send them off, no matter how bad their tackles are.

But when a Rangers player just turns around and flicks a pinkie at the opponent, he is immediately sent off with a red card. Or there was the Daniel Candeias red card, when he didn’t even touch the player, or the famous red card for Andy Halliday for scoring a goal, and not realising that the ref just wanted our team to just shake hands after we scored. All these actions have resulted in red cards, which it seems only we, at Rangers, thought were unfair.

We also all know that if anyone in a Rangers shirt did half the things others do routinely against us, we would have no one left on the park inside 20 minutes.

Gary Holt knows that.

So next time he expresses fake shock and his fake anger, just tell him to shut the F-up.

Excuse my French, but I’m just so tired of idiots wasting my brain cells.

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  1. Mr Holt pick up your toys from around the pram-to accuse a man of Mr G's character of lacking class because he comments on one of your players elbowing a man so hard he has twenty odd stitches is farcical.By the way in scotland that isn't even a foul-thus the reason all teams other than old firm struggle in europe they cannot kick and elbow their way into the game.FACT.

  2. Totally agree, 100%. It's just un-deniable, other teams' physicality,against us. Our injuries list last year, is testament. Teams like Livi, Motherwell, Kilmarnock & Aberdeen are know for hacking up our players. Holt can cry all he likes, denial is futile. Our injury list last season, is testament. I suggest Holt takes that FACT on the chin and gets his players, to calm down a bit. The NERVE of him, ragin about it. We have the facts.

  3. Very refreshing and so true..it's been happening for too long. I hope we wipe the floor with this lot today. Play good football and score good goals .

  4. Im a bit late on this subject but here goes. I noticed that in the SPL matches played over the weekend the team with the most yellow cards and most fouls was Livingston. I'm fairly sure that would be a regular occurrence for teams that play us and it would be interesting to look at figures from previous weeks. It's something I'll be keeping an eye on.

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