Rangers have made a massive statement…

Rangers have made a massive statement…

There is no doubt about it. Not now, not any more.

When Rangers yesterday strode to the Tony Macaroni Arena and dispatched Livi with complete ease and borderline procession, it was the biggest statement of this season so far.

Some recent weeks ago Celtic went to the same venue, following a routine enough win over Romanians Cluj on the Thursday, and lost by a stunning 0-2 to Gary Holt’s side. The home team more than matched Neil Lennon’s visitors and a huge 3 points were dropped.

Yesterday Rangers went to Almondvale on the back of a gigantic win over regular Portuguese champions Porto, barely changed much in the way of personnel, and absolutely coasted their way to a deserved win by comparison.

If nothing else summed up Rangers’ title credentials, this did.

Rangers this season are now matching Celtic, fighting toe to toe, laying gloves, and have the quality of squad overall for it not to be a short-term Aberdeen-esque or Killie-esque burst.

Steven Gerrard has overseen a transformation from soft-centred also-rans who just didn’t have the guts, balls or sheer ability to take on Parkhead and also dropped points to the diddie sides into a hard-centred winning machine that beats the best of Europe as easily as it does the worst of Scotland.

Rangers are now delivering a real and sustained shout at 55. We’re deep into November now, well over a quarter of the season gone, and Celtic aren’t their customary 5-10 points ahead as they usually are.

No, it’s absolute deadlock with Celtic only ahead by a solitary goal.

It’s safe to say December is massive – yes, Rangers absolutely fudged the opening Old Firm match of the season, but the 7th of next month is a giant follow up – win, and not only do Rangers avenge that diabolical performance on the 1st of September, but we win our first top-flight silverware since 2011.

And that’s utterly massive. We’ve won trophies, but nothing serious, not in the lower leagues.

But back in the SPL, fighting at the summit of the game in this country, Rangers proved yesterday beyond all doubt that under Steven Gerrard we’re the real deal now.

We can criticise bits and bobs and dislike certain individual things – we are all emotional football fans and we all have the right to opinion. But the results and performances overall are absolutely delivering under Gerrard, under the squad he effectively built.

And with only weeks to go to Xmas, top of the table and a trophy going into 2020 would be a stunning achievement.

We are starting to believe.

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  1. That's because he played his best side apart from Davis who was rested,if he had done that against septic and hearts we would be 5 points clear now,the good thing is that he has learned from that I hope.

  2. As we know there is 38 games in the league only 4 are against the scum the rest of the games need to be contested.
    This year we have toughened up, if these teams want to come out and play at football we will beat them at football, if they want to come out and battle and fight we will beat them at fighting, that is how to win trophies.

  3. Beating sophisticates of Europe on a Thursday and then Scottish cloggers (on a trampoline pitch) on a Sunday – a team and squad for all competitions!

  4. This is where I start to worry. Last season, it has to be said, when there was something to win (silverware) rangers bottled it, every time. There bad days seemed to coincide with pressure games. Now, this is a different season. Things are different. But we'll soon see if that old scenario, rears it's ugly head, again. I hope to god it doesn't. I reckon if our defence is rock solid and we man-mark well, we could just smash it. Hope so.

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