Outrage as Uefa ‘conspiracy’ denies Rangers

Outrage as Uefa ‘conspiracy’ denies Rangers

In all the hubbub of Rangers’ superb draw last night, we have to point out something else.

Something happened at Feynoord’s home patch to suggest Uefa REALLY doesn’t want Rangers in the next stage of the Europa League:

Referee Skomina rejected two absolutely blatant penalties – stonewallers to say the least.

First Sheyi Ojo was clearly clipped clean through on goal in the box, then Morelos got absolutely manhandled as a rugby challenge decked him later.

No dice.

This was as blatant as it comes, and yet the Slovenian ref thought otherwise of awarding the penalties.

Was he a homer? Was he afraid of the home reaction if he’d awarded either of them?

Or was he under Uefa instruction to ignore any ‘debatable’ (neither were, in fairness) penalty shouts for Rangers due to the competition’s current apparent dislike for our club?

It’s true – some travelling Rangers fans disgraced the club earlier this season in the qualifiers with unwanted chants, and chairman Dave King rightly castigated them for it – Rangers were punished, the case was closed.

But last night’s flagrant disregard for the rules and blatant denial of stone wall penalties, which, if converted would see Rangers confirmed in the last 32, was about as evident as it comes.

If it was one penalty, we could ascribe as just human error – they’re refs, it happens. But two in a row in a short space of time was beyond suspicious.

Still, no one likes us…

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  1. yeah they were blatant but I dont think you need to play the victim card here. we dont want to start sounding like the other side with the poor me pish. shit happens move on and let's go to the next game let's win the group ��⚪������

    • I agree. We were hard done by and the referee had a poor game. Apart from the penalty claims he was slow to book their players for things that we had already had players booked for and most of the 50-50's went to them. However to suggest he was acting under UEFA orders is pushing it a bit. He had 2 early opportunities to award Feyenoord a penalty and rightly declined both. But other referees would've given them. I think it's just a case of some referees, including our own, are pre-disposed to favouring the home team and being swayed by the home crowd.

    • Agreed. Homer refs are not as new thing, but he could have given them more than he did, so let's be grateful and hope our next ref is a homer

  2. If this kind of behaviour is a 'thing' it needs stamped out. It's blatant cronyism and cannot go on, un-checked. Complaints must be levelled.

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