Morelos v Edouard: a non-starter

Morelos v Edouard: a non-starter

We’ll explore the fullness of Rangers’ brilliant (and opportunistic) win over Portuguese UCL giants Porto over the course of the day, but one thing certainly stood out – the continuing brilliance of Alfredo Morelos.

A staggering 11 goals now in all European competition this season, including 3 in the group stage, including 2 against Porto and 1 against Young Boys…

We’re going to be petty, real petty, and raise the Udsonne Edouard stuff again.

Looking at the Europa League, Edouard has 1 goal in the group stage (v Cluj, at Parkhead), and one in qualifying. He has 3 assists combined.

Morelos, on the other hand, has 3 goals in the group stage (against two huge teams, two away from home), and 8 in qualifying – 3 assists.

While domestically these two players certainly have comparable records, Morelos’ heroics and world class finishes at this level can only point to him being by far the superior striker for the big occasion.

We must say, the £800,000 we paid for Morelos looks infinitely better value than the £10M Celtic shelled out for their 9.

Thank you JJ. Thank you indeed.

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  1. Morelos Euro record blows the whole "he cant score against Cetlic" out the water, who cares when he can score at ease in Europe. Cetlic are only used as a bench mark when they are the team to beat, that only relates to the SPL, we play far better teams than cetlic in Europe and Alfredo has no issues scoring

  2. Morelos' current form, who knows what else he can achieve. Those old, tired conclusions, thought up by our East-end opponents may be blown out of the water, NEXT old-firm game. It will be a very interesting game, for sure. Our main problem against them, was in my opinion, down to defence issues. But our defence is tightened right up. If Connor keeps playing like he did last night, with the right back line, anything is possible.

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