Megastar Erling Haaland is why £50M for Alfie isn ‘t enough…

Megastar Erling Haaland is why £50M for Alfie isn ‘t enough…

We’ve been roundly mocked on the site lately over stating Alfredo Morelos could be worth in the region of £120M.

Indeed, even some of our own readers have poo-pooed the idea that this player could fetch anything like that.

And then Steven Gerrard loosely backed us up.

Rangers’ manager, on the eve of his men’s collision with Feyenoord, has admitted that £50M wouldn’t be enough to persuade him to sell the Colombian, suggesting on top of Dave King proposing £40M wasn’t enough, that another £10M still wouldn’t cut it.

The reality is this player is gold dust. He’s better than anyone else in his position in the country, and his stats are utterly absurd.

He’s scoring at every level, and he’s proving himself the real thing.

He’s the biggest steal in Rangers’ history at only £800,000.

Why would Steven Gerrard and Rangers sell the kid for less than he’s worth?

Some fans argue the SPL just isn’t conducive to big-money sales – yet we’re pretty sure Dembele’s £20M and crock Tierney’s £25M were unthinkable 3 years ago too.

Nonsense – a player goes for what he’s worth, what the buyer is willing to pay for him.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the SPL, La Liga or the Vanorama league, if he’s delivering at his level and higher, he has a major value.

Look at RB Salzburg’s Erling Haaland. The 19 year old, like Morelos, is on fire this season, and the Austrians have placed a £50M price tag on his head, with a bewildering 27 goals in 19 appearances.

But but that’s Austria, he can’t be worth that…

See our point?

And so does Stevie.

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  1. I heard it was closer to 100 mil they wanted I made this point on here few weeks ago can't understand if players in Austria and Belgium or even smeltic can be priced at 30 – 100 mil why can't we get at least 40 for a full Columbian international with his goals already this season time we seen the true value of our players

  2. I'm sure Alfie will become Scotlands most expensive transfer when he leaves and his value is just getting higher and higher. My only concern is that if a ridiculous sum (50 + million) does get offered in January we might not be able to resist it. That would be disastrous. At any other time in our history a windfall like this would be amongst the best thing ever to happen to the club but this season it would be devastating.
    We need Alfie in order to finish the journey and if he stays for the season then I'm confident that will happen. He has to stay, simple as that.

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