Sunday, 3 November 2019

Media giant in staggering attack on Ibrox

The BBC have outdone themselves once again with a smear attack on Rangers on the day of the cup semi final, doing all they can to destabilise Steven Gerrard and his men.

The notoriously anti-Rangers corporation presents a headline of pure negativity about Rangers, as you can see from our headline photo, and instead of giving any sense of neutrality about this final, makes it very clear Rangers are the enemy.

At a basic level it’s true, Rangers’ record in domestic finals in recent years is ghastly – we don’t deny that.

But it’s very interesting that Pacific Quay focuses on that rather than any major mention of the absolute chaos happening at Tynecastle by the side inexplicably rock-bottom of the table having fired their manager.

Just when Rangers look good on the home front, the BBC’s northern tranche pulls this trash out of the fire as a way of attacking us. Again.

But all it’ll do is galvanise us.

The BBC hate us and do not want us to get to the final.

Even more interestingly for the BBC is a complete lack of accountability on this article – usually the BBC, with pieces like this, have the author’s name printed. This time it’s anonymous.

No shock really.

Just like their venom isn’t either.

No one likes us…
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