Ibrox shocker exposes Scottish media’s true poison

Ibrox shocker exposes Scottish media’s true poison

OK. It’s time to get serious.

During the Tunnocks Challenge Cup match with Wrexham match numerous reports have emerged that a bunch of Celtic fans turned up and started chanting IRA songs at a group of young kids.

The response has been absolute silence, and I mean absolute silence from the BBC, the Scottish Media, and most tellingly from Celtic football Club.

The Scottish s*n even decided to imply the problem might even be with Rangers fans by using the unbelievable title:

“ Police investigating ‘disturbance’ at Rangers Colts vs Wrexham amid reports of fans being ‘battered with batons’ ”

Why was there no mention of the Celtic fans, the ones who caused the trouble, anywhere in The S*ns title? We can only guess, but I am certain there will be no apology.

So, I’m not going to beat about the bush.

Everyone is used to Rangers being targeted by Celtic fans. In fact, it has become so common that the media does not even bother reporting it.

So, I’m going to highlight something important that no-one else has reported.

During the match there was almost certainly someone in the crowd (yes, I’m talking about amongst the Wrexham supporters) who had a father, or an uncle, or a grandfather killed by the IRA.

And, yet these ‘Ambassadors’ of Celtic Football Club (can someone explain what the hell they were doing at a Rangers match anyway?) decided it would be a great idea to start singing hate-filled songs amongst the away section.

Amongst a group of people who may still feel the loss of a loved one. And people wonder why there were problems.

And The s*n then subtly ”imply” the problem might be with the Rangers and Wrexham fans.

Well, I’m just tired of it.

Celtic has a problem, and it’s a very real problem.

Two months ago, Celtic fans and their manager paid their respects to Fernando Ricksen, an act they were applauded for.

Yet, last week the very same Celtic Board decided to disrespect a group of innocent kids and the fans of both Rangers and Wrexham, by staying quiet.

The ball is firmly in your court, Celtic.

Are you now finally going to do something? Or is singing hate-filled IRA songs at kids and at fans of other clubs something you are entirely comfortable with?

Given how quiet Celtic has been the las few days, it sadly seems they really couldn’t care less.

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  1. Sorry I. N. I doubt very much if there was as many celtic fans as has been reported. How did they get the tickets for the away end??
    Until both sides yes Rangers as well git rid of the idiots that sing all this sectarian crap it will never end.
    It's tit for tat all the time.

  2. What about the Celtic board singing along with a anti British,Irish Republican song Grace song by the one and only (old crocodile tears) Sir Rod only last week. Our one time vice chairman, had to resign because he sang along with The Sash.
    Not a word from the media.

  3. In an age when the issue of racism in football is very much to the fore, it is worth highlighting that only one UK club has had part of its ground shut down for two consecutive home games by UEFA because of the racist / sectarian singing of its fans.

  4. I think in this age of mobile phones an 13mega pixel cameras an videos why someone in the Wrexham end didn't video these pricks ,,so I for one am not getting to excited about this report until I see video evidence of said offence

  5. Lads

    We have to be fair and reasonable and it is simply nonsense to expect the BBC to report said news when we have banned them! We need to allow the BBC back and if they still do not report the issues we have a credible argument. Until then we look like moanin school kids.

  6. This is un-believable. Worse, than usual. The Rangers go on tour and 'we' make friends, south of the border. They, start shit. Done it in Sunderland and now, in Wrexham. which I know well and is a gentile little English/Welsh border town. So I doubt very much, these Ceptic supporters, would have been 'picked on.' They have the NERVE, to try and call US, 'Scotland's shame'? Because of Manchester. As I tell my English friends, Manchester was just a case of too many Rangers fans turning up, unexpectedly and not being enough toilets. No Rangers people, beat any locals up, or anything like that. I know, cos I worked in Manchester, at the time. The only way to deal with these hatchet-job hacks, is ban publications and reporters, who talk shit about our club, from Ibrox and Auchenhowie. This should come from the board, though.

  7. I was at the game the Wrexham fans did chant up the ra look at the history of games against their hated rivals Chester always singing pro IRA songs I don't know if they were celtic fans or Wrexham fans or both just anti British

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