Thursday, 28 November 2019

How would Rangers stack up if a Premier League move materialises?

The volume of the chatter rises and wanes.

But it’s always there.

Will Rangers ever transition to the Premier League?

There’s no question the Teddy Bears could compete in the top tier of English football. Technically, Rangers are the most successful football club in world history.

But how would the Ibrox side theoretically stack up in the day-to-day Premier League table? It’s the kind of discussion that has heated up Glasgow-area pub rooms for years.

Unfortunately, the sample size provided through recent history is small. The last time Rangers faced off against a Premier League opponent was in the 2010-11 Champions League group stage. Man United squeaked past Rangers in a two-legger with a draw and 1-0 win.

A similar fate unfolded seven years prior when Man City bested Rangers through two fixtures in the 2003-04 Champions League group stage.

Rangers haven’t faced a Premier League side that wasn’t Manchester-based since battling Leeds in the second round of the 1992/93 Champions League. Like we said, not much sample data to go on from the past few decades.

Fans will have to wait beyond the foreseeable future for the day when Rangers clash in intraleague play against powerhouse sides like Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Man United or J├╝rgen Klopp’s Liverpool.

Over the years, the Premier League has remained staunch about not inviting in-house guests from the North. English teams voted against Scottish incorporation in 2009 and 2015.

If it were to happen, former Man United manager and Glasgow-native David Moyes thinks the Old Firm would be competitive. Earlier this year, he stated, “If Celtic and Rangers could both join the Premier League they’d be huge huge clubs.”

We can’t expect the Teddy Bears to beat up on Man City every day of the week. But a club with 54 domestic league titles is a fine pedigree for the Premier League. Who wouldn’t love watching West Ham, Crystal Palace, or Everton step onto the pitch at Ibrox only to be dismantled on a perfectly lovely Saturday afternoon?

Still, some people, like Celtic majority shareholder Dermot Desmond, see the Old Firm inevitably marching into the Premier League. He indicated the move was likely within ten years.

That was also back in 2015. For now, we continue to dream of the day when Rangers start that mighty ascent up the Premier League table.

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