“He’s not in the Championship any more” – the truth about key Gerrard man

“He’s not in the Championship any more” – the truth about key Gerrard man

Article by: Derek

Recently we have been criticised for being far too critical of how Steven Gerrard has handled a couple of our key players, when all we were asking for was Steven to be fair to everyone on the team.

However, we also realise that last year Gerrard worked absolute miracles, by taking a group that had never played together, and in just a few short weeks had them playing in the Europa Group stages.

This year they now look even better, and being honest, it is great to say I now can see very little daylight between Rangers and the Mighty Porto. That was something I could never have said even five months ago.

So, it’s difficult to complain. Gerrard knows far more about what is going on, and has tons of experience.

However, we have been getting a number of comments on the Connor Goldson, James Tavernier situation, and as we predicted some do agreed with our take on the situation, and a lot disagreed.

Then, this week, we started to look at the whole Tavernier situation from a new angle, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a comment came in that said exactly the same thing; and that is Tavernier is trying to do too much.

Tavernier is a really good football player, but I also remember Souness once said that when he sensed someone was having a really bad day at the office, he would make sure to place himself closer to the player, so he could regain confidence, by simply making a few short passes, and when he was back up to speed he would gradually move further away.

He never said anything to the other player. He just did it quietly, without anyone noticing. This included the player he was helping, but it made a huge difference.

So that got us thinking, and it seems that Tavernier should try to get some advice from some of the more senior heads – because, just now Tavernier is trying to be a striker, a winger, a defender, a midfielder, a corner-taker, a free-kick specialist, and the team leader. It seems the only two positions he currently is not trying to be is the manager, and the ball boy.

We all like him. He’s a great guy, and despite our previous posts, he is a great footballer. But he only needs to be great in one position, and then we would absolutely love him! No kidding.

Tavernier will probably never read this, but the fact is we’re no longer in the Scottish Championship and Tavernier should really try to trust the players around him. Souness used to do that. That was why he was a great captain and player/manager.

Steven Gerrard has now packed this Rangers team with great players. In fact, for the first time since 2011 there are now borderline world class players throughout this team.

So, Tavernier should now let someone else operate the right wing, just for a change, rather than hogging the line all by himself, or perhaps sometimes he should let another player take a corner. He might find others are better at it.

If we can get another attacking player on the right side of the park, this will dramatically increase out attacking options, and Tavernier can still come up into the attacking position from time to time.

Appearing in the opponent’s box four or five times a match is more than enough to mix things up.

See, we aren’t always negative.

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  1. I have been a strong Tav critic recently I agree that he does try to do too much and going back to what does well simply may be the key . I think the Captain's Armband also weighs heavy on his arm too.

  2. He was out of form and missed a couple of penalties but against Ross County and especially against Hearts he certainly looks to have turned the corner and start to get back to close to his best .We have to accept players lose form but good ones regain it again and he has .The criticism has been done to death , time to move on.

  3. Or could it be hes standing out more as a weak link because he is surrounded by better players. What separates players from Decent to brilliant is consistency, example right now is Jack.

  4. I remember that Souness quote, it is a very fair point.
    Tav could do less, although it does not follow that he would do fewer things better.
    He picked up against Hearts and I hope he will continue that run.

  5. Very good summary IN. I think you've got this one spot on. Tav had to be Captain Fantastic when he was surrounded by Warburton and Pedro's lesser squad players, but now he has to learn to share the burden with the higher quality team mates around him.

  6. It's an interesting article, certainly food for thought. Would we gain more by Tav being less adventurous, or would we be worse off by losing his attacking flair and the outstanding crosses he makes some of the time? Hard one to call, when he is at his best he is very good, lets hope the improvement in his performance against Hearts is him getting back to his best. We certainly need him at his best when Porto come to town.

  7. The biggest problem we as rangers fans is we expect to much and if you go back over the years as soon as a player has a few bad games we jump up and down saying get rid and so on I remember some of our players getting horrible verbal from fans at games then two or three games later there the best thing that happened to us just support the player and hope he picks up again other players in present team will let us down at sometime we sing simply the best that should apply to support tav deserves that get behind the team through thick or thin prove we are the best

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