Here’s how much cash Rangers have won so far in the Europa League

Here’s how much cash Rangers have won so far in the Europa League

With yet more success in the Europa League comes more rewards, and Rangers last night secured yet more cash as a result of a point in Europe.

Ibrox Noise takes you through the full catalogue of Europa League funds Rangers have secured this season so far, and what there still is potentially left.

Starting with the prize money is easy enough:

In Euros, Rangers earned:

240,000 for St Joseph’s
260,000 for Progres
280,000 for ‘The Danes’
2.92M for overcoming Legia and securing group.

For both wins in the group Rangers have secured:

x 2

And for the draw last night:


A victory v Young Boys at Ibrox secures the group as winners, and that earns:


So, a grand total of prize money so far guaranteed is:

And a win v the Swiss takes that to:


Which in pounds is £5.5M.

Now we’ve not even looked at the gate receipts for home attendance, nor our share of TV rights cash, which would hike the numbers at least double (home group matches net £2M each, and that’s just a starting point), so it’s safe to say Rangers are making good hard cash in this tournament.

Not as lucrative as UCL of course, but still much better than winning the Petrofac Cup.

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  1. Rangers need to come out and kill YB's right from the start. None of this sitting back and going one goal down, shite. Before coming back in second half. Sick of that crap. Kill them off quick! Full-on.

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