Sunday, 17 November 2019

Glen Kamara and the January sales

So there’s some talk in the press and among sources that Glen Kamara is vulnerable to a January sale.

Word of his sale to accommodate the potential signing of Aberdeen’s Lewis Ferguson is one angle, but whatever position you fit in, what exactly is the importance of the Finnish international to Steven Gerrard and his Rangers reign?

Let’s face it, he was a little slow to get going last season – it’s always tough for January signings to fit in, and it took him till the split to make his mark.

But he did, and then some. He started to look a real multi-million asset (we all remember what a role he played in the Celtic win at Ibrox), and having been signed from Dundee for around £65,000 this was a hell of a profit and even more of a hell of a steal.

He looked a 100% Stevie favourite and would be the part this season.

It hasn’t *quite* worked out that way.

He’s by no means been awful, but by his own mouth he’s not been great, and he believes that’s why he’s been in and out of the team.

He has certainly not matched last season’s peaks, but also isn’t being helped by mostly being played as a defensive midfielder, which is not the position he excels in so efficiently for with his country.

For the Finnish nationals, he’s more of an attacking midfielder, and in matches where he gets a little more freedom to play like that for Rangers, he does do a fair bit better.

But the question is how important is he now for his manager?

Let’s look at some numbers:

This season he’s played 20 matches of 29, which is solid, and clearly heavily involved, but not as involved as an outright favourite like James Tavernier, Connor Goldson or Allan McGregor has managed.

In terms of performance, we could look at the competition he’s featured the most in – Europa League (he’s only played 6 of 12 SPL matches):

While his passing percentage v Porto in both matches was an incredible 98% and 92.5% respectively and he managed 2 key passes in all that, strangely his statistical attainment overall in the competition isn’t quite so hot and he doesn’t manage usurp either Steven Davis or Ryan Jack in terms of contribution.

The boy has talent, no question, but it’s a case of playing him where his strengths are best exploited – Finland seem to do this slightly better than Rangers right now, but as we’ve said before, there is simply no space to play Kamara higher up with Jack, Arfield and Aribo hogging those slots.

And his competition in DM is Steven Davis.

While we’d rather keep the ex-Arsenal youth kid, if a good offer does come in this January he’s one that might be seen as sellable.

We’ll see.

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