‘Farce’ of ex-Ger – just what is going on here?

‘Farce’ of ex-Ger – just what is going on here?

After discussing Graham Dorrans and Jordan Rossiter earlier, when we say the name Dorrans, we cannot help wonder what might have been with this lad. We know he has/had talent, but barely 20 appearances in two seasons at Ibrox tells its own tale of what a disaster this signing turned into.

And yet, since his move to Dundee, Graham Dorrans has started all 7 matches the Dee have had from the 21st of September (he joined a day earlier) to present day.

He’s lasted 90 minutes in 5 of them.

Just why-oh-why has he been able to easily maintain the second longest run of matches of his career since joining Rangers (managed 11 in a row at the start when Pedro signed him) the moment he leaves?

Literally not a blip on his record, and by all accounts playing very well – by default one of the best players in the Championship.

Why-oh-why did Rangers not see this?

He was surely the right man at the right club – he’s one of us. And yet despite numerous glimpses of his talent, it’s Dundee who get to see the best of him during his twilight years and don’t be shocked if Steve Clarke takes a look should the form persist for the next few months. He and his predecessors have resorted to the best of the Championship more than once in recent years.

Rangers spent a fortune on Dorrans, both in fees and wages and of course in huge medical bills too including flights overseas and down south to see specialists, and got nothing in return.

Dundee get him on a free (Rangers once again having had to pay the attacking midfielder off) and hey presto fit as a fiddle.

Some might try to argue the Championship is less physical than the SPL and he’s just benefited from that, but Rangers having spent two seasons in it not long ago would know fine well just how your Colin Hamiltons treated Nathan Oduwa and the like – it’s a division even more brutal than the SPL, so that one doesn’t exactly wash either.

We should emphasise this isn’t a smear attack on the player, we really do wish him the best and wish it had worked out at Ibrox for him given his clear talent.

His-now fitness just doesn’t add up, to us.

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  1. Sports science pish has a lot to do with it. Instead of letting players be men and get on with it. Smaller clubs dont pay big wages so its less a risk for them to play a 75% fit player

  2. The truth is a fit dorrans isn't as good as Davis Jack or kamara & stevie g knows that as well. Same applies to rossiter the great hope.

  3. To be fair to Dorrans, he wants to play. he needs to be more match fit and closer to top form to get a game for Rangers. Same with Rossiter, but you don't get the luxury of playing your way into form at bigger clubs.
    My only beef is we should never have paid his contract up. If someone wants him, he has value which we should be paid for.

  4. Guys like Dorrans and Rossiter couldn`t get the game time at Ibrox to get match fit after bad injuries and a long time out .Rossiter is out on loan to get a run playing and its still possible though unlikely that he will return.I still think something happened with Dorrans , he went from the manager extolling his virtues and looking forward to getting him back to being out the picture and being desperate to get rid of him.Did he play in the infamous Liverpool youth game ? We have binned most of the experienced players who played in that game.

  5. I wonder if this is just a case of being fit enough at rangers is a higher standard than being fit enough at Dundee. If he isn't having to push himself as hard he is maybe able to maintain a level of fitness that is acceptable at Dundee

  6. Think of it as a swap deal. They got Dorrans and £50k. We got Kamara.

    Would loved to have aeen him consistently fit as a Ger though.

  7. NI do you not just think that after his injuries he just never had it anymore. It happens all the time with players. If he was any good and sure a SPFL team would have taken a punt on him but he finds himself in the championship. Sort of says it all

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