Thursday, 7 November 2019

Fan shock reaction suggests incredible SPL shift towards Ibrox

Ibrox Noise was amused to note that for the first time since 2011, the selection of a Rangers player in the NT was not greeted with scorn, ridicule or mockery, and indeed the only response to Steve Clarke’s selection was derision instead over Arsenal’s Kieran Tierney’s absence and the call up for hideously overrated Scott McKenna.

No indeed, Ryan Jack, the most outstanding player in the SPL at present aside Alfredo Morelos and one or two others, was included in the latest Scottish squad for the imminent international break (can’t wait) but instead of the usual suspects in the SPL with their ill-educated ‘mediocre’ accusations at the ex-Aberdeen captain, he attracted absolutely no insults in the slightest and those were instead reserved for ex-Celtic man Tierney and McKenna given his ludicrously awful form.

It shows something of just how superb Jack has been this season, arguably the best player in the division and certainly the most important to his team, that even petty-minded bitter SPFL fans of rival teams didn’t have a word of objection over his inclusion.

He has taken his game to a new level and is by some distance the best midfielder Scotland now have, producing that quality against every side he’s faced this season.

Whether he’ll go on to have the kind of on-field legacy a Barry Ferguson or Paul Gascoigne did for us is quite another matter, given he’s maybe peaked at this extraordinary level just a few years too late to maintain it over the best seasons of his career, but he is certainly in a zenith right now, and for the Tartan Army to actually save their frustrations for the likes of McKenna and Tierney says a lot for just how good Jack has been.

Plus his own admission of how keen he is to play for Scotland may also have cut him a bit of slack from the frothing natives.

The only question is:

Would he still be booed…?
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