Celtic fans have just given a big clue about how good Morelos is

Celtic fans have just given a big clue about how good Morelos is

Earlier today we posted an article suggesting very strongly that Alfredo Morelos was now worth into the £40M region. Obviously this is a lot of money, but given £25M for crock Tierney at Celtic, the rules have changed.

The most telling response to this article was the lack of response. Not from our regulars, that is – Rangers fans commented widely agreeing with both our praise and indeed the sum.

No, the most telling lack of response was from the usual mentalists across the city explaining to us that we were wrong and he’s rubbish. Sure, one or two crazy obsessed individuals tried to post their complete piffle, but on the whole even the green and whites’ normal rebuttal to our content was conspicuous by its absence.

Indeed, there was no quip of how much better Edouard is, nor any insults aimed at the Colombian;

Alfredo Morelos has become so good that:

1: Celtic fans now appear to, in the main, have a grudging respect for his ability.

2: Be looking forward to him leaving.

It’s quite a refreshing change – the striker has become so good that the green and whites have no response to him other than hating and grudging respect. It’s not a million miles from how we felt about Henrik Larsson.

He was a diver, yes, and we loathed him, but there wasn’t a Rangers fan who didn’t wish we’d signed him.

And it’s starting to look like that £800K Rangers spent on Morelos is one of the biggest bargains in the club’s history.

If even Celtic have nothing to say, you know he’s doing something right.

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