“An outstanding week – 10” – Rangers players rated against Livi

“An outstanding week – 10” – Rangers players rated against Livi

Rangers took another huge step (maybe the biggest step) towards proving their championship credentials winning at a venue Celtic lost at not long ago.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for the 90 minutes in Livingston:


Had absolutely nothing significant to do. Could have taken up crochet in this one. N/A


Able enough down the right, fairly quiet as a defensive force but did get on the ball enough to cause alarm for Livi and put in a few crosses. Understated overall. 6


For such a previously-passive defender, Goldson is the only one of he and Helander actually doing anything. A number of clearances both ground and aerially, and read the game fairly well. Solid. 7


Didn’t thrive on this surface, and got done for pace and power a couple of times – he looks like he’s still a long way off being used to the SPL and is struggling to assert himself. 5


A polished and composed display from the Croat who got in a pile of deliveries and a good helping of defensive work. Absolutely nothing came down his side. 8


Untidy – he’s got such a scrappy way about him at the moment, but he works hard and when it goes wrong he tries to make up for that. Got fouled a few times and it seemed to knock him (literally) from his stride. 6


Elegant and composed, the Nigeria international might not take matches by the horns quite yet, but he is showing more and more his glorious control, power, skill and awareness. He took his goal sublimely. 8


Industrious performance from the in-form midfielder, maybe we’ve been spoiled by him in recent weeks and unless he writes a symphony or paints Salisbury Cathedral he’s ‘not quite at his best’. Had a strong enough outing, and certainly handled Livi’s physical attentions but we think he’s been better. 7


Another strong off-ball showing from Arfield which included an assist, the Canada captain is the type of player fans don’t appreciate when he’s in the team but they sure miss him when he’s not. Look at the difference when he came on v Porto – it turned the game on its head. He’ll never be particularly recognised but his team mates appreciate him. Good display again today. 8


Ah it’s still not really happening overall for the former Liverpool winger if we’re honest. He’s showing such bright bursts here and there but as yet hasn’t got his rhythm going and he’s being hampered by injuries. He’ll get there, and his talent is of no doubt, but needs time. 6


Another mercurial goal from the best striker in the SPL and one of the most in-form in Britain, despite not having a great game, that’s the sign of a truly special striker. We got derided by some of the fools from the East End for suggesting his value was £40M and beyond. He just keeps on proving us right. 8



It’s almost like he read our last piece. Passed more, got into better positions to receive the ball, and made more intelligent runs. This was a decent cameo for Ojo who actually probably had a better match than the man he replaced. 7


Steven Gerrard surprised us by naming a fairly unchanged side from the epic v Porto, with only Arfield and Aribo coming in, on a surface we suspected wouldn’t favour the latter, and sticking with Glen Kamara. While the performance wasn’t stunning, the tactics stopped Livi doing anything, and Gerrard’s pre-match psychology did the trick and Holt’s men were notably less physical than usual. Still physical, very physical, but didn’t quite go over the score this time. A good selection, one which got it right, and his players by and large delivered what he wanted. An outstanding week for Steven Gerrard quite frankly, and we score him 10 based on all 3 results.

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  1. Did the job today without hitting the heights. Another goal for Alfredo, another clean sheet, another difficult away ground negotiated. A very impressive week going into yet another pointless international break.

  2. Have to agree with hellander looked like he was runing in treacle he was so slow at times. However arfield other than his assist did little to nothing all game he has been looking tired and clumsy since he came back from the gold cup with canada. How you felt he was as good as the likes of barasic, aribo and morelos I cant work that one out.

  3. Disagree with your ratings and general assessment of Helander, who has settled in well and shows his experience. He is also showing positive signs of forming a good partnership with Barasic. Today I would give him 7. Kamara I would also give a 7.
    Been an excellent week for Rangers, long may it continue.

  4. Morelos was outstanding. His nutmegs and cross field passing were superb. Can't believe your comment that he didn't play particularly well. One of the finest displays from a Rangers striker I've seen in 60 years following the team.

  5. I would have given Kamara, a 7, for sheer effort, alone. Although I do agree, he's not quite on the money yet, but improving. But agree with all the rest.

  6. Honestly I agree with most of your comments and IN Ratings. We huffed and puffed in the first half and eventually scored two decent goals . Champions do this so onwards.

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