Friday, 15 November 2019

Alfredo Morelos' agent 'responds' to Ibrox Noise claim over Colombian...

 Article by: Derek

Well, did our article on Alfredo Morelos get a reaction?!

Just hours after we said that all the noise around Morelos was all Fake News, and Morelos is likely to head to only six English clubs, up pops Theofilos Karasavvidis “a representative of Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos” who is now advising clubs to make a move for Alfredo before his value skyrockets.

In other words…”get him off Rangers’ books before you can’t afford him”.

And the Celtic contingent are all “Please buy Alfredo now.  We are scared because we know our team is going to drop some more points!”

I think we hit it right on the nail by saying if Alfredo is eyeing a move to the top six in the English league, then it is time the English clubs cough up some of their ridiculous “prize money”; and we think £120 million sounds just about right.

This is money the English teams only get because UEFA, in all their “wisdom” have decided to make European Football a farce.

English teams don’t even have to win a trophy to make over a hundred million in revenue.

Because of his quick reply to our article, Theofilos gives support to our idea that £120 million for Alfredo is reasonable. Football is an international game, and Alfredo now deserves to be valued as highly as any other top-class international footballer.

But that is bad news for Theofilos. This is because he just wants to make a very quick profit, and a £25 million sale for him would make him a tidy little sum.

I think Theofilos  is now genuinely scared. Because if Rangers go far in the Europa League, which is now a major possibility, and Rangers get to play in the Champions League next year, which is now almost certain with how the points table is shaping-up, there would now be no need for Alfredo to move to a mid-table English club.

Next year, with Morelos commanding a good salary, and playing regularly at the highest levels in the Champions League, it seems that only the top three clubs in England would be able to entice Alfredo into a move.

…and if that move does not happen, we will have to feel sorry for poor little Theofilos. Because he never gets paid.

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