Tuesday, 12 November 2019

58% of Rangers fans polled want axed hero back but Stevie G says no

We’ve been discussing the delightful ‘problem’ of Niko Katic and Filip Helander of late.

Rangers’ defence has been outstanding recently, and despite our misgivings of Helander’s competence in the SPL, the stats don’t lie and Rangers have conceded few and been almost watertight in the Europa League especially.

Helander, whether you like his style or not, has statistically delivered in the Rangers shirt.

But this does still leave the question of Niko Katic – even Helander’s biggest admirers believe the Croat has been treated a little unfairly and Ibrox Noise was curious over whether the readership want to see him back in the shirt, regardless of current defensive attainment.

The numbers were intriguing.

In an Ibrox Noise poll, 58% of fans wanted Katic back in the team, regardless of who he’d be replacing, while 42% want the current duo untouched.

It’s not exactly a split down the middle, but it does show that despite the impressive defensive performances recently, Katic is still sought to start.

In fairness, many appear to want a Katic Helander duo, but then as we demonstrated, he and Goldson’s stats in the UEL are almost exactly the same.

So it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other.

Either way, Katic remains very popular with fans, and we do wonder just how big a role he’ll play this season.

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