£40M windfall – it just gets better for Rangers

£40M windfall – it just gets better for Rangers

Forget last season. That was the dress rehearsal for Alfredo Morelos. And even then his record was stunning even if he came up short v Celtic and some of the bigger occasions.

This season is the real deal, and it hardly gets better than nailing a belter in Portugal on their turf then scoring another world class strike at Ibrox against them.

Morelos had already hiked his market value into the £30M region with that goal in the Dragao two weeks ago – with his absolutely bewildering finish yesterday plus massive contribution to the second, it’s only gone higher.

It is safe to say, while Morelos will stay in January for one last transfer window, he will expect to get his big move next summer and he’s going to net Rangers approaching £40M.

Obviously he has to maintain this level of form, but right now he’s going into legendary status – he’s delivering against the biggest teams on the biggest stages – and truth be told scoring or not v Celtic won’t matter to any PL giant who comes in for him – because he’s scored against bigger and better teams already.

And PL giant indeed now is the calibre of side who is going to seek him.

We’re not talking an Aston Villa, or a Wolves – a Colombian international as effective as Morelos now is on a stage as big as the Europa League making Pepe and Young Boys look pathetic is going to appeal to the top half of the table.

Morelos is starting to go into potential Van Dijk territory – getting a move to a big midtable PL side, proving himself and then getting the big switch to a top of the table team.

And Rangers shouldn’t sell for less than he’s worth.

This boy is going to fetch Rangers an absolute fortune one day.

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  1. Yes we are going to get a few bob for him.
    For the time being he is best staying here learning from Defoe how to become a top professional on and off the park, and to win us trophies before he goes. As for scoring against scumtic why not start in the Cup Final and beat them, that would shut the Eastend trash up for good.

  2. Absolutely, he is. The thing I notice about Alfie, is that he is NO, runt of the litter. He's a stocky lad and I've seen him run right through, defenders. I think, the dirty tactics in the SPL, has actually made him, a better player. Neanderthals, like Broony & Kirk Broadfoot, and their over-physical, sneaky moves & dirty tactics, have actually taught Alfredo, valuable lessons, for life. I believe, the SPFL is the BEST training ground, any new prospect, can get. The lessons Alfredo has learned in this league, will stay with him, for life. If you can make it here, you can make it, anywhere. Take Alfie this season, compared to last. He was getting pushed around, hacked-up, the lot. Remember his sour faces and outbursts? This season, that has all dialled down as he has learned, not to react to their BS, so much. Some players can do that. Some, can't. Umar Sadiq, would be a case in point. Looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, most games. Just my personal viewpoint. But Alfredo's game & value, is still spiralling upwards. Thoughts?

  3. Never mind Villa and Palace , Man Utd are needing a striker and they could do a lot worse than Alfie .He would be wasted in these wee EPL teams battling relegation or being in mid table mediocrity but in front of a huge OT crowd he would thrive on the atmosphere.

  4. i love the buffalo. but not a chance in hell will he be sold for 40m from ibrox. he'll spend one year down south and be worth 80mil easily, but no matter how he performs for us on any stage will we get 40 mil. one could wish

  5. Can you imagine that only a few months ago some people were calling him a liability and even suggesting the he was so worthless that we should keep him and not play him just to teach him a lesson.
    Alfie will be instrumental in us getting 55, stopping them and he will become a Rangers legend all before making us tens of millions of pounds. I can't claim to be gay but I love the guy.

  6. Don't see why not, his fellow columbian Davinson Sanchez , defender ,went from a so called smaller league to spurs 42 million. Alfs not a one season wonder, year in year out scores stacks a goals. Thats a rare thing in most players. Hate to say it but celtic show the way by sticking to there players value and knocking back silly bids. Kt for example when arsenal were chancing there arm at first. They even sold there manager for big money. Let Alf fire us to 55 sell him on and use some of the money to tie up Stevie for longer, hence increasing his value when teams come sniffing. NS

  7. El Buffalo will have to keep burying big goals in Europe and domestically. The only time he might reach the 20-40 million mark, is when he scores regularly in the Champions League and for his country. But he will probably be elsewhere by then!

  8. I agree Morelos value has shot up this season with being even more prolific, scoring in the bigger games, and seemingly on the way to controlling his behaviour. Having said that I think it highly unlikely we will get £40m. That's not to say he isn't worth it. It gives Rangers a dilemma. At what point do we say we're getting enough out of any deal while keeping the player onside if we are turning down offers.
    And for those who even now play down his value you only have to look at Oli McBurnie (£20m) and Dominic Solanke (£19m). Neither had any claim to have "done it" or even played at a higher level, or played in Europe, or competed for trophies, or scored goals consistently over a number of years. And certainly haven't done since their big money moves to justify their fees. So anything north of £20m is his true value.

  9. I WAS one of the fans really not happy with Alfie last season, my words have been well and truly eaten… What a turn around for the lad and its not just backroom coaching, the lad has definitely learned to curb the nasty side and blossom into a superstar of a player and THAT has to make way for a lot of the credit to go to the lad himself… Definitely won my heart over 🔴⚪🔵

  10. Dout the douters wrong he was top scorer last season he had 5 red cards woopy fuckin doo hes a fighter he doesnt take shit from no one hes gona be another top scorer with more goals this year more than last year and still score in europe who cares in scoring for celtic if so when he misses against other teams too should be slated but its a game of football no one cares who he player or scores against goals are goals his goals will come against celtic just a matter of time hes going to be a big money maker if and when a big team comes calling

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