£120M for Alfredo Morelos? Yes, seriously…

£120M for Alfredo Morelos? Yes, seriously…

Alfredo Morelos is going here. Alfredo Morelos is going there, Kamara will be leaving Rangers in January, and Tavernier will be playing on the moon.

I don’t know about you, but over here at Ibrox Noise we are now absolutely fed up with the never-ending transfer circus surrounds our team.
In 2017, Alfredo was just in the door, and three months later we woke up to the news that Aston Villa were one of five Championship clubs tracking in-form Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos
Clearly someone with Celtic leanings had woken up that morning, realised Alfredo could play, and was already trying to sabotage our team, by asking anyone, anywhere to come in and buy our best players.
Yep, you’re that obvious Mr. Sutton.
Then for three winters in succession, almost like clockwork Gerrard has had to put out the exact same “news” release saying Alfred is not going anywhere over the winter break, and every year we get the exact same drumbeat that Alfredo is leaving.
Because Gerrard seems so relaxed and confident about this, now makes me one wonder if all Rangers players have something in their contract, which stipulates they cannot negotiate a transfer outside of the summer transfer season? It certainly could explain a lot.
So, iall this noise the work of the players’ agents? Or, is it the work of obsessed Celtic fans, who dress themselves up as neutral journalists, who just want to tear apart our team?
My bet is on the Celtic fans, because you just never hear about Celtic players being the centre of so much speculation, from so many different English clubs. 
In fact, we are now at the point that it seems the entire Rangers team is up for grabs every single transfer window.
So, what are the facts.
Aside from the now solid fact that we have been bombarded by so much fake news from so many supposed reputable newspapers, it’s making all our heads spin, it is clear that Alfredo Morelos would need his head examined if he went anywhere in January. 
Even if Rangers fail to qualify for the play-offs the problem is Alfred cannot play for any other team. The reason is simple. He is cup-tied. 
So, there is absolutely no incentve for Alfredo to go to another team in the January window.
Then there are the teams that Alfredo is being linked to. 
Aston Villa is a name that has come up every year, as has Bordeaux, but lets be honest here. Why would Alfredo want to move to an English team that would almost certainly end up in the middle of the English premier League?
He would not be able to strut his stuff in the Champions League, or in Europa.
So, unless the English team making the offer can guarantee European football every year, it is clear that Morelos will not be going to them, period.
That then leaves us with the following six teams Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, Manchester United as the best potential likely candidates.
Of these I could only see Leicester mounting a serious offer. However, I just cannot see any of these teams modifying any of their game plans to accommodate Alfredo’s style of play.
As his prior manager has already noted, Alfredo is a goal-scoring genius, but that is only because the entire Rangers team is constructed around him. And even when he is not scoring, he is usually dragging defenders the wrong way.
The truth is he is not going to get the same care and attention in the English league. If he fits into the team he fits in. If he doesn’t, then he will be dropped; and all these teams can afford very tall, very technically gifted, proven goal-scorers, and I really just do not see them taking a risk with Alfredo.
But what happens if we do suddenly get a serious offer for Alfredo from a team that Alfredo could not say no to. How much is he really worth.
Because we are looking at the English top six, then we have to look at 80 to 120 million range.
Here fair is fair.
Rangers had to spend all their profits from the Europa League, seven million pounds, just to buy just one player from Liverpool, who had not even played one full game in the EPL. 
If they want a proven goal-scorer, someone who has proven they can already score against the top teams in the world, then they need to start dishing out their humungous cup winnings to us. Fair is fair, and the top English teams now rake in close to a quarter of a billion a year.

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  1. There's no doubt about it,it's pro Celtic ( Neutral) journalists and pundits who are at it ,heard Jim Duffy and the rest of the pish talkers go through every possible reason that wee Alfie could leave Rangers in January, from a club (no name) coming in and offering £22m and saying we won't come back with another offer in the summer ,a mystery Spanish or. French giant making an offer and Morelos taking the huff if Rangers refuse ,this was after Ross Wilson explaining the facts to them .Make no mistake there's Dark Forces at work Grimm very Grimm.

  2. Not sure about the £120m. But if an injury prone young LB is worth £25m, then an fit resilient young ST should be worth at least double that. Everyone knows goalscorers are sold at a premium & that's what he is. Decent LBs are ten a penny, we even managed to get a better one than the recent £25m transfer record, for just £2m

  3. Oh and of course it's just the Celtic media. The only chat of interest in their players is when they want to sell..as soon as you hear a player is worth £25m he's sold the next summer. Next year will be forrest to go

  4. Reality check, £120M, who are you talking about,thought it was Messi not Morelos, just a printers error.Truth, papers are doing one thing, trying to sell their (story) Newspaper, likewise players past and present, sport pundits are primarily doing the same, being paid for being basically opinionated or controversial. We will not keep Morelos much longer, I hope we do, he is great at the minute. Money at the end of the day will talk, unfortunately Scottish Football in general is a second class citizen because of the funds down south, not perhaps as important to some players as others, example Jack, but time will tell on Morelos, he does not really open up (rightly) to any of his future career thought. So in truth the article is only adding to the gossip not adding any constructive views imo J

  5. £120M… I think that would be the highest ever transfer between UK clubs. Would love it to happen, but I think the best we can expect will be somewhere in the range £20m to £30m, and we will only get near £30m if Rangers really play hardball.

  6. Why not if you score goals every week inc europe why the fuck not,you want the best you pay the best end of


  7. They were even saying on the one football app, that Brendan Rogers wants Alfredo, and Neil Lennon?? Like that, would ever happen. Good pieces on the HMRC story and this one. I rely on the regulars to fill me in with stories about financials, As numbers is not my strong suit. That fat top-hat, Tam Cowan was slating us on PLZ, again. Always has to comment, when it's a controversial Rangers story.

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