“Worst 90 – 2”, “A fine performance – 8” – Rangers players rated v Young Boys

“Worst 90 – 2”, “A fine performance – 8” – Rangers players rated v Young Boys

After inexplicably seizing defeat from the jaws of victory, Rangers supporters could be forgiven for thinking what might have been.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings for an astonishingly frustrating evening in Berne.


Commentators Ally McCoist and Rory Hamilton were at odds over McGregor’s blame for the second goal, with the former laying some at his door and the latter suggesting it was harsh. But, as much as we love McGregor who’s shone like a beacon this season, he has pulled off harder stops than this and was modestly liable. Was beaten twice on the night, but otherwise didn’t actually pull off any noteworthy stops. A night he’ll not be thrilled with. 6


Colossally culpable for both goals, a night like this has been coming for Tavernier whose defensive vulnerability hadn’t really been exposed by anyone aside Celtic this season (mainly due to Jack repeatedly bailing him out), but tonight he paid the price for excessive occasions of being out of position both in the past and on the evening and having no Jack to rely on, and he didn’t contribute much up front to make up for it. Probably his worst 90 as a Rangers player and questions surely have to be asked of his place and of his captaincy. 2


This has also been coming – Goldson had a weak and lazy match again, and is now starting look like a real dud. Hasn’t been the defender he appeared to be for the first two months since joining, pretty much ever since. Was exposed repeatedly, useless with the ball, and inspires no confidence in anything he does now. Meek. 3


Recovered well from his Livi disaster to have a better match tonight – good positional sense, read the play, and covered a lot of work and ground while getting in numerous blocks. Might have felt he could have done better with the opening goal but Tavernier exposed more than just him. 7


Some excellent crossing from the Croat who looks completely reinvigorated. Defended pretty well too and it was telling how few opportunities came down his side. See James? You can attack AND defend. 7


A few stray balls were uncharacteristic, but he kept plugging away and led by example – even more so after he lost Ryan Jack. A decent night although he has played better. 6


Standout till injured, Jack is all-action bustling and reliable. He ran the midfield as usual, covering all the gaps as is his strength, and we can’t help feeling he might have bailed Rangers/Tavernier out more than once. He is indispensable to this side now. 8


He was reasonable – worked hard centrally even if he wasn’t deeply involved, but made few mistakes and ensured Young Boys’ mids were mostly rushed. 6


Constant running, some good use of the ball, and supported everyone well – Arfield looks a bit more like his old self, and it’s good to see. He and Davis led well with Jack leaving the field. 7


Ah boy, where do we start. This kid is a horrible player. He’s selfish, rotten with decision making, not that quick, and contributes nothing except individual flash moments. He’s hard to like on any level beyond winning some fouls. 4


A superb night from the Colombian, his goal was only a small fraction of what made him stand out. Constant harassment, running, and working for the team. He seems finally over the rotten attitude of last season and now he’s nothing but a pure asset. A fine performance. 8



Tonight’s display is why we didn’t overreact to his decent and nothing more display v Aberdeen. He was completely out of his depth, didn’t make a single decent pass nor did he do a useful thing once on. We might be wrong, but was that his first ever UCL or UEL group stage appearance? 4


Steven Gerrard picked his usual cronies and this time it cost him. There was no Jack to bail them out this time, and Rangers paid the price for complacency. In the manager’s defence the tactics were sound – and it looked for a long time like Rangers would get a massive win. But his favouritism to some individuals ended up costing 3 points even if his management overall on the night was by no means a shambles. 6

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  1. I'm all for dropping players out of form (Yes Tav I'm looking at you!) But I actually thought defensively we were sound tonight other than 2 utter moments of madness from the captain. I keep hearing everyone slam Goldson but these are the first goals we've conceded since Livi and was he at fault for either goal tonight? I think everyone is being a bit hard on the lad. However, I would still give the big man a rest against lesser opposition. Like to see Edmunson and Katic get a run out at the weekend.

  2. I said in a post mach article if ALL of our player never turned up, then we'd get beat. I take no pleasure in being right!!! Tav needs to be dropped!!!

  3. I 110% agree this was coming.we r messing about with the defense to much.pick a back four and let them get to know eachothers game.that's when we get 4 defenders.barisic is our only defender with pass marks.we could have been 3 down before half time.need defenders who can defend .

  4. One thing is for sure, Stevie G's blind loyalty can't go on. If we don't see the culprits benched against Hamilton, questions will continue.

  5. Let's face it, Tav was crap and has never been able to defend, but he's Gerard's golden boy and will never be dropped. Candieas leaving has shown how terrible he is, he can leave whenever he wants and won't be missed

  6. Once again our right back defender has cost us , nice lad decent player but i am sorry he is not the best ever to wear the number 2 ,we all know it and the worrying things is more and more teams are finding us out down the right side of our defence, i am all for attacking defenders but we must sort this problem out and get someone who can do the job and defend , because it effects other defenders apart from their job they are doing two.

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