“Value rose by £10M – 9” – Rangers player rated v Porto

“Value rose by £10M – 9” – Rangers player rated v Porto

Following the disappointment at Tynecastle, Rangers bounced back in excellent style last night to record a well-earned point at the hands of European giants Porto.

Ibrox Noise takes you through our ratings from the performers on the night:


A fairly quiet night for him overall, apart from playing his usual sweeper role and lots of kicking, but it was that world-class double save which sets him apart from his peers. A huge part of the visitors getting a draw. 8


Shaky to say the least in the early stages, clearly low on confidence, but refused to cave to this and kept plugging away – managed a few good crosses, one especially brilliant, and a few decent moments of defending too. A little better. 6


Quiet as usual, reasonably composed, but as always, not particularly heavily involved beyond lots of possession from deep and passing. Did what was needed of him. 6


Absolutely mammoth performance from Helander who, like Katic v Hearts, was doing the defending of two men. Multiple blocks, some brilliant reading, and in one display the Swede showed why the money was well spent and why his CV is so impressive. 9


Some stunning delivery, including the assist for Morelos’ goal, the Croat looked extremely impressive even if he had a slightly slow start overall. Should have had more than just the one assist. 9


A professional and smooth display from an experienced vet who knows just how to play these occasions. Steven Davis is a player we just trust to always do the right thing out there. 8


Struggled at times with the ball and his positioning didn’t help Barisic who had to try to cover him, but he did improve and despite some errors, he did fairly well. 7


Was his rampant usual self until the yellow, then he had a subdued performance which saw him lose the ball a few times. Was definitely hamstrung by the booking (which came from Morelos’ error) and it took a lot of his game away from him. Didn’t exactly cost the goal (what a finish, after all) but his error did lead to it. 6


His contribution to the goal was stunning, and some of his early running looked lethal, but he did start to fade and lack of match fitness definitely caught up on him. Can be happy that he played some big impactful moments even if he wasn’t heavily involved otherwise. 8


His first big performance, Barker had a very strong night and did his selection absolute justice. Worked hard in both attack and defence, kept on running and was always available. Some of his dribbling was excellent. He can be very pleased with his display. 8


The biggest goal he’s scored yet as a Rangers player, this was the biggest platform he’s delivered on – this was Porto away for goodness’ sake, and he could well have scored more. He added £10M to his value with this display. 9


Steven Gerrard surprised many with his selection – no Ojo, no Aribo, but despite the slow start his men produced a big night and this was one where Morelos’ equaliser and Gerrard’s half time team talk clearly changed round. Porto looked pretty ordinary and Gerrard’s system of fast wingplay and compact midfield was the right call. He got just about everything right in this one. 9

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  1. Agree with your markings, except would have given Jack an extra one.
    Great night, we can take this lot at Ibrox.
    We are the only team in the group to have won a point away from home. If everybody wins their home matches from here, that would put us top of the group.

  2. I would have given Jack 7 and Kamara 6, otherwise agree with your ratings.
    What a performance from Helander, the best performance from a central defender this season playing against probably the highest quality team we have faced.
    I doubt if there are any rangers supporters at the end of last season, who could have imagined Barasic performing the way he is now playing for Rangers.
    Superb performance from the team!

  3. You've certainly changed your tune. not that far back you said morelos will never be rated until he scores against that lot from Glasgow's east end,now you are saying he's worth 10m more, Morelos is top drawer and not just for his goals,why do we have to wait until one of our players scores against them to be rated.

    • Agreed totally. Imo, our best all round player is The BUFFALO Soldier.

      Surprised Defoe not used But every player pass marks though Jack was as clumsy last night as Tav on Sunday.
      Helander and Edmundson should be our CBs

  4. would have marked them all 10 for effort ,would love to see edmunson paired with helander ,think it only matter of time ,ojo, arfield, aribo , going to struggle to get a game ,morellos snip for 30 mill, if kent stays fit ,its 55 for the biggest team in u,k , we only need one thing another 10,000 seats inside ibrox ,special mention to away support how good were they ,r,t,i,d

  5. Yes and all 10 from me great result💪
    Morelos 50mil minium now no cunt getting him for 20 they can fuck off


  6. I'd agree with alanc, Kamara 6, he and Tav were the only players that gave me the fear last night, but all in all, have to congratulate the team for such a good result.
    Now to take consistency into the league. We need to finish teams off in the SPFL. Good to watch last night, well done lads!!

  7. Don`t know why you are so critical of Goldson .He did a really steady job last night and just like Sunday his cross field passes set Barisic free on numerous occasions.Again like Sunday his partner was assigned the big powerful guy to mark and Goldson is the spare man , it doesn`t mean he is not doing his job.

  8. I'm still buzzing. Great result and a fantastic second half performance bossing the game away to Porto. When did we last do that at such a big team at this level? It's a team game and they all deserve enormous credit. I agree Morelos value just keeps going up in my book. But you know what? If Barisic keeps performing the way he has been there will be more scouts at our game to see him than Morelos.
    Now can we maintain that level for upcoming domestic matches. No one can match us if we get our heads right.

  9. What a result for the gers last nite, what an improvement from last year in Europe all pulling together as one, big ? Can we keep hold of "Alfredo" it's a must braveheart 👍

  10. Shats the scoop with morelos nor celebrating the goal he looked like the morelos we just signed didnae want to be there just did a job

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