Monday, 7 October 2019

Top of the table, but latest double Rangers boost will further sink Celtic's hearts...

With Rangers’ current form looking strong, top of the table secured and only bad luck (and defending) stopping Steven Gerrard’s men going clear at the top of their Europa League group on merit, Rangers supporters could be forgiven for thinking it’s reaching a bit of a peak.

And yet all of this has been achieved without on-form Jordan Jones (unavailable since the Old Firm) and £7.5M mega summer signing Ryan Kent.

It only begs the question of how much stronger Rangers are about to get with the return of Kent in particular, who looked magnificent for the 42 minutes he got, even if his selection in the first place was arguably in error.

His energy, pace, trickery, technical quality and sheer football x-factor was colossal in places last season, and the sample he gave on his return suggested he’d only gotten better this summer since departing.

And with his return to training (and that of Jones), while there are promises he won’t be rushed, nevertheless Scotland’s best team on merit is only going to get better when its absolute star man is back in place.

As we’ve advocated before, we’d love Kent on the left and Jones on the right. The latter is right footed and the two could dynamically swap.

Would Kent, Morelos and Jones not just be one of the most ridiculous attacking tridents Rangers have had for many a year?

It’s only going to improve – Rangers’ wing options have been a little uninspired despite the good results (mostly). Greg Stewart did well in the SPL lately, very well, but visibly wilted in Berne, while Sheyi Ojo remains a player who divides fans.

Where we imagine seeing Kent and Jones tearing up the wings would be something supporters would love to see.

We know we would.

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