The truth behind Rangers’ heartbreaking loss to Young Boys….

The truth behind Rangers’ heartbreaking loss to Young Boys….

Rangers tonight perhaps a little unfairly lost in Berne, on an evening where naivety from a number of players cost the visitors.

But the biggest culprit wasn’t James Tavernier for his horrific defending, or Connor Goldson for his, but the man who has picked them as favourites consistently the past two seasons and refuses to drop them no matter what.

Steven Gerrard told us at the start of his reign that if you weren’t performing, you were out – no ifs, not buts, no maybes. Clearly that was false.

We’ve not seen Goldson perform since late 2018, and James Tavernier while hardly in terrible form, has always been dreadful defensively. On a night the manager picked a more defensive shape, he still stuck by Tavernier’s flamboyant attacking rather than a more defensive option, like the ineligible Matt Polster.

Gerrard picked both, as always, and these two men, Tavernier especially, cost us a realistic 3 points.

Thanks to our manager’s inability to pick his best players, and instead keep on picking based on loyalty or appearance clauses (Sheyi, we’re looking at you), Rangers lost a match they could very reasonably have won.

Thanks very much.

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  1. Sadly i have come to expect this from Gerrard and wasnt surprised by tonights selection. Sadly our English manager is loyal to his English donkeys. He even brings in a pointless loan signing like King who never plays and who always keeps Docherty out of the 18, who i believe the manager clearly doesnt value or like. Gerrard is an annoying hypocrit and bullshiter. Not only is the "if you dont perform you will be dropped" line a lie but he has the brass neck to say dropping Katic against Feyenoord was tactical as he is an unsophisticated last ditch brute force styleplayer…yet he didnt play either against big aggressive Livingston in which we could have used more physicality and brute force. He didnt follow his own tactical thinking and Goldson and Helander got roasted all night (with Helander lucky to avoid a red card). The man is a paradox and frankly i'm growing tired of his shite. Sadly nothing will change. Tav is the worst Rangers captain in history and defensively one of the worst rightbacks we've ever had. Hopefully a championship team takes him off our hands in January. Expected a draw tonight, was over the moon when Alfie scored, and our glorious captain goes and single handedly gives away 3 points. Well done son, taxi's waiting, do one.

  2. I'm gutted to be right about Connor Goldson, again. How many times is Tav going to be caught offside? SG is definitely WRONG, with his loyalty, to these two. Tav, not so much. CG, definitely. This can't go on.

    • Way over the time Goodson was dropped, Gerrard appears to have the same blind spot for him that he had for Worrell. I'd have Katic and Edmundson as the central pairing as they have in spades what the present two lack – HEART. Ojo had a bit of a shocker tonight and Stewart was out of his depth at this level.

  3. Cant argue with that..Jack or Davies captain..Tav benched..katic and Edmundson given a chance and Poltser/ Flan on the right. Barisic although not great tonight is doing a decent job.Kamara worked hard tonight ( did Ojo's shift aswell )but looked average..positives Davies and jack all day long and buffalo was immense..

  4. Been talking about taverniers poor defending for a long time now,and I've also said that we should play him further forward and replace him with someone who first and foremost can defend at right back and I still stand by that, but if Gerard can't see this while the rest of us do then am affraid we won't win fuck all for as long as he keeps playing him there,but then we look at the amount of goals/assists he gets over a season that will and does get him some slack from a lot of our supporters,But not from me as I truly believe that if someone was to check on were/what position we lose most goals from in a full season,it would probably be from his position at right back and so all the goals/assists he gets doesn't matter as he is losing us more goals due to his shocking defending/poor positioning play through the season,it's now up to Gerard to do the right thing by replacing him at right back……But he won't and that will cost us dearly come the end of the season??? watp

  5. Agree with Goldson not tav he was bad tonight but he is are captain the worst player on the pitch was ojo Stevie needs to send him back let down from the start apart from that goal a couple of weeks ok and Stevie has turned this team around so let him alone for now

  6. Nonsense! I thought we were amazing tonight. We deserved to win. At the very least draw. But we got done by lady luck. Tav defended like a champ. Every player made one or two mistakes (the young boys made more). We lost an away game we should have won. How far have we come with stevie g? I will respect your opinion. It hurts but we can hold our heads up high.

  7. I speak on behalf of canada when i say scott arfield is the best player in this soccer team. Simple mistakes cost the win but 2 more home victories will see the boys through

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