“The Borna Barisic Fallacy”

“The Borna Barisic Fallacy”

With all the hype now about Borna Barisic hitting what is starting to look like his proper potential in a blue shirt, it becomes apparent a new fallacy is born.

Regulars will remember our Joey Barton Fallacy, which states that no player link, regardless of how absurd, can be discounted based purely on its unlikelihood. After all, this was further dispelled with signings like Bruno Alves and Jermain Defoe. In short, anything is possible now.

However, the “Borna Barisic Fallacy” now rivals it for relevance, and it reads thus:

No player can be rejected as a flop for even beyond a season of poor performances.

Before, if a new player didn’t deliver after a month his credibility was called into question. We’ve been more than guilty ourselves.

But the Croat’s blooming over the past month into the player we’ve waited for since July 2018 shows that it can take literally 15 months for a player to finally settle into our team, so even a full season might not be long enough.

Of course, this isn’t terribly practical, but it is reality – some players settle quick (Jordan Jones), some take a few months (Ryan Kent) and some take over a season (Barisic, and to some extent, Ryan Jack).

And this all brings us to Joe Aribo. He hasn’t performed yet, really, in our shirt. Some glimpses of his quality, yes, but overall not the impact we’d hoped.

And yet, that Barisic and Jack ‘fallacy’ shows it could be next season before this lad is playing like the player we believe we have signed.

Look at Umar Sadiq. It could well have worked out for him at Ibrox like it now has in Serbia and the UEL for the Nigerian, and it goes to show there is certainly a player in there.

Moral of the story is every player now gets leeway. Aribo has it in him, no denying it, but it may be a while before we see it. Especially if Barisic’s settling period is anything to go by!

In simple terms, Borna Barisic says ‘give it time’.

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  1. Of course 'give it time' We can all get impatient at times, as longs as it works out for the better and they turn into half decent players for Rangers. All's well that ends well

  2. I'm so glad to see this article. Confidence goes a long way to improve anyone's performance, whether you're a footballer or not. I just worry about the impact Twitter has, when short sighted supporters harrangue our players. We are supporters. Same happened before Kamara and Stewart kicked a ball. And recently Kamara admitted he wasn't up to it. We have the strongest pool of players at the club since Advocaat, the only problem I foresee is supporter negativity seeping through to the team.

  3. I believe a majority of supporters are willing to give players/managers time. If you're old enough then it's easy to think of many examples of players who took time to settle.

    Is this you guys holding your hands up, as you always say, you call it as you see it. From what i can recall, you were even having an occasional dig at at the give it time brigade in some articles re Borna and the Gaffer

    Imo everyone deserves at a season and a half. Well except Grezda he can get tae, but that's not just for ability

  4. So fans remember this when you're having a go at Ojo. He's a young lad finding his way in the game and his stats are actually very good. If he finds his feet after a few months like Kent then he could start to soar.

  5. Good artical, but think giving a player over a year to settle is a bit much, imagine starting a new job and being shite for a year and a half, no one i ever worked for would give me that amount of time.

  6. See, this is what does my head in these days. We live in a world where 2 performances good or bad judge players. Media just cherry pick from fans whether they know nothing or just follow on what others say. Pre tinterweb we had the chance to see at least a half season of performances to match what the manager (sorry head coach) sees. Every little bitterness or crap opinion is spouted after 2 or 3 matches, same as the opinions that someone is the new messiah. Add in the clickbait so the papers can get fans arguing. Watch each comment get more and more bitter

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