Stevie stunner – less than half of Rangers fans agree with it…

Stevie stunner – less than half of Rangers fans agree with it…

Last night a distinctly unexpected story arose with the claims Rangers are seeking to secure Sheyi Ojo on a permanent deal.

To say this was a surprise is indeed putting it mildly, given how divisive the young winger has been so far. It’s safe to say he’s not a universally popular attacker, and Ibrox Noise wanted to know just how our readers feel about him.

Did they want him permanently, did they trust Steven Gerrard’s judgement on this one, or is this a player they just don’t want having a future at Ibrox.

The answer was significant. The majority did say yes to a permanent signing, but it was by no means a stunning number. 48% want Ojo in our colours permanently, while 27% didn’t and 25% weren’t sure.

So, 52% of fans either don’t want this signing or aren’t convinced yet.

It’s a strange story all right, and by no means as popular as the capture of Ryan Kent.

But if it does happen, and goes the same way as Kent, few will argue with that.

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  1. As someone who "wasn't sure", you are reading this wrong. You could equally say that only 27% do not want him.
    The truth is that 48% want him and 27% don't want him. 25%, including me, think that it is too soon to make a decision. Although not too soon to talk to Liverpool and see what their price and thoughts might be.
    Let's make a decision in about 4 months. having said that, SG and his team see the player every day, we don't. So they are in a better place to know. I think he shows more promise than Kent did this time last year.

  2. It certainly looks like Stevie rates Ojo, and whilst he can be frustrating and unreliable there is no disputing that he has made a contribution with goals and assists.

    Whether there is any truth in the rumour, who knows. But IF Stevie fancies signing him, then it would make sense to try and get it done sooner, rather than waiting until his price escalates if his performances improve along the lines of the Ryan Kent scenario.

  3. This is where social blogging or media fails. There is never a time allowed to impress or fail. Every new player has to hit 10s every game. Personally….no….i think he needs challenged. Has he skill? Yes. But we are a team.

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